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    I stop trading for a little while after having few times poor transaction. .
    I was busy with my job. . .So I decide to take a rest. .
    Now I am starting again. Hopefully I can keep on winning. .
    Currently I am following trading system out of canadian dude and oan4fx.
    I am also studying VSA out of denbur thread.
    Currency focus on UJ due to small spread.
    Attach is my newest account.

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    i will pray for u bro..good luck. .

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    I almost blew up my account . .
    Initially I was doing fine, 140% increase of my first amount in 8 days..suddenly I become overly greedy, and that I dropped more than 80 percent from what I already make as a result of margin call. .
    At the moment I was able to stop the bleeding for a while being. . and regaining but still brief 40 percent from my first amount

    If I remove a' greed variable' on average each trade I will boost my account about 2.8%.

    I'm scalping, and currently just comfortable to trade UJ due to small spread.
    I hope inside next 10 to 15 times trading, I can get back what I had lost. .

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    Current equilibrium 11 Nov - USD60

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    I almost losing my entire account. .
    Choosing GJ as my principal currency for trading wasn't working.
    Once I began losing money... I fear. .
    I exchange with more lot. . And end up losing out more money. .
    One thing which I learned out of that trading with real money isn't the same as virtual money (practice account). The pressure is not there. .

    I decided to changed the currency to UJ to Aid on the disperse.
    If I exchange GJ that the spread is 9 pips, whilst UJ the spread is 3 pips.
    Win some and lose some.But I still losing a lot of money.

    Looks like I still have not fully understand Alonso/Imran system.

    Put my trading since 20th June 2008

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