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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You mentioned earlier that for you EURGBP functions best with our beloved EA. I did so in precisely the exact same manner and the results are stunning. For my little actual accounts just 1 chart EURGBP is functioning:--RRB- On another demo account with 100.000$ (now with 600 transactions ) I discovered also various other pairs that maybe could be very profitable. Please Luca, inform a bit more about your statistical effects about the behavior of this EA. This would be very interesting! Thanks a lot, Pit arrr, can not make screenshots from distant vps nevertheless Pairs, sorted by profit (~ 700$)...
    Hi Pit-Lip,

    having appeared in my several tests(demo or real(over a year), forwards or backetests) I found out that big trendy pairs such as Gbp Jpy( for example) should be avoided unless you have 200 k or maybe 1 million lol. I found out that usd cad and usd chf are really bad (at least with my broker) because swap fees are extremely large and this eats most of the profits. aud usd ? I dont like it. Somethimes the price trends and stays stuck for weeks producing a stall in profit and also a comparatively large drawdown. Gbp usd is a very profitable one but you can blow off your account in a significant move (I almost did) if you do not add capital. Eur usd and eur gbp seem the very best for this and eur gbp is really the ideal. Aud cad appears to be pretty safe but not very profitable for the pip value and other explanations. Eur gbp includes a high pip worth so that it reaches basket profit faster and tends to range. I didnt find the drawdown indior yet but there are several ways to test (even manually but it takes time). hope that helps. If you have a true account with a lot of cash (100 k? 200k or more) in it then use the major pairs and then add eur gbp and im sure you will be fine

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    Merely to add one more item. Since could 22 (start of live test with eur gbp) I checked the initial trade shot by the EA and the other one (accepted the most distant one in pips from the initial one) and I found out that eur gbp ranged for precisely 200 pips from 0.87 approx to 0.89. These 200 pips generated no difficulty Whatsoever and today I have only -70 in drawdown after all the closing and opening of tades along with a Entire profit of 850 euros however the Reason it didnt create an issue is because there were continuous retracements which is ideal with this EA but that is of course unpredictable as with any system

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    From about 3 months I am real using 3 charts and all 3 are in profit and all3 little drawdown.
    For the second this ea is definitely fine with eur gbp. I hope for many years....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    from approximately 3 weeks I'm real with 3 charts and all 3 are in profit and all3 small drawdown. For now this ea is definitely alright with eur gbp. I hope for years....
    good most of us equilibrium the price, if we all available in different price range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Please share input settings screen shot after
    I'll later but I uploaded(also by screenshot) my settings many times Before

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    @ Ramana

    all these are my settings, watch screesnhots, in case you wish to trade my egy and put more eur gbp charts do not forget to change the magical number from the inputs when it says magical buy and magical sell for the first chart I use 2 and 1 (default option ), for the second chart 4 and 3 and so on...I use 1 minute chart and open on new candle to untrue but if you want to use the attribute available on new candle to true I advice you to use maybe 15 minute interval. This attribute only saves you from large sudden movements (market crashes or major news (for instance, interest rate decisions or trump tweets lol) in my view but maybe not much else. It may also screw up the grid just a little bit(because orders won't be at exactly 50 pips) but it might be safer.

    Screesnhot 1 is for settings, screenshot two is the remaining settings because they did not fit in 1 document but besides the magical number in screenshot two everything has been left as default option

    I use variant v13.1

    myfxbook connection:

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    Hello colleagues. Can someone add UnNomGuaiV1.132 output after the first login in minutes. For instance, it enters a given time at 15.30 with one buy and one market and no operation is taken within 30 minutes, then the output is triggered and the two operations are shut. Thanks in advance, then if I get I shall explain my idea. Nice day

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote now Rather than having 20% DD I have a very low - 23 euros drawdown that's so low And probably the Cheapest since I started the Evaluation but we Must always be careful and Track and decide Immediately on Which to do
    Currently you end on Launching all 5 chart on same range now it Require close and Wait Patiently for some DD and open another BUY/SELL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    All these are my settings

    as I am trading your own egy, may I ask, why you're using 1:100. Did you find out, that -based on your equity of ~ 7k$ - anticipated profit / risk / margin-eating is managed greatest? Did you try different leverages? Please inform us about your findings.

    Thanks a lot!

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