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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My son is only 2. I hand him a printout of a chart, he eats it. I can't wait till he's five.
    Weren't supposed to consume our charts?

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    Open up your EURUSD daily charts. It has been bullish since March 2006.
    See how it looks like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Or even better, do what Mr. Jacko says and get a five year old assistant, who'll do the tendency studying on the chart to you.
    Your avatar is fine. bull run!!!

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    I've 2 Broken Ribs From Horseplaying, And Your Article Only Made Me Laugh So Hard That's Hurts. Cause I Can't Take This Pain, no Jokes. Anyhow, Follow The Trend For Your Preferred Timeframe. As The Timeframes Boost use Larger Stops And Tp's With Position. Also, Start Looking For A Positve Switch Pair With The Trend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hate to be the vinegar, but when you define what the tendency is, please allow me to know. .

    Because it appears so easy in concept, but it's not. .
    A trend is just a trend. It's the management of prices within a period of time. One can be readily identified by you. If you can join 2 or more pliers then you have an uptrend. It's a baby uptrend if you join 2 bottoms just where the initial is a major bottom or even a years low. Then you have an middle-aged trend, likely, if it's possible to join three or four bottoms. If you can join over 4 bottoms, then you ought to be dealing with an aging trend in the late 40s.

    Don't believe people or books telling you that the more prices touch a trendline, the more it becomes stronger. This is crap. The prices signature the trendline means that the tendency is becoming older and its' death moment is currently nearing. An infant trend has the maximum chance to grow up and develop into a middle aged one and keep the life cycle. But many babies die young. This is due to the fact that the defense system in a baby's body is feeble. Therefore virus or a little infection may kill this baby. The same goes with trends, they are normally weak following their birth. A baby uptrend is more likely to pull hundreds of vendors before it considers of shooting or crying defense to kill it. Those baby trends who survive the part that is hardest find it easy to keep on going on.

    It takes low risk to wager on a baby only after his birth and it takes moderate risk to wager on a middle aged guy and the risk increases dramatically when gambling on a late 40s man. So everyone must pick based on his/her own risk preferences.

    Anyone obtained what a tendency really is? It's a means of living.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    your avatar is nice. bull run!!!
    Thank you,
    I found it on line. The big bulls running in the middle of the streets will not take any prisonners. . .It reminds me to be more mindful.

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    My decision also. Even though it's incredible the amount of information (in novels or not) that says otherwise!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not think books or people telling you that the more prices signature a trendline, the more it becomes stronger. This is nonsense. The more prices signature the trendline means that the tendency is getting old and its' passing moment is currently nearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My conclusion too. Even though it's amazing the quantity of information (in novels or not) that says differently!
    When it comes to trading actual money in a market where probabilities play a large role in, I assume that what makes sense is much better than that which is written in hundreds of novels.

    Every single TA publication I have read says this sentence, the more touches into some trendline, the more powerful it becomes. The single contradictory opinion against this that I ever read was at the Dow theory, which says clearly that a trend at the beginning has the greatest odds of continuing farther its' way and since the trend continues, the probabilities keep decreasing and decreasing before the trend dies and reverses. Since trends don't continue indefinitely in the exact same way, which is a proven truth of the markets, really one of the facts, then what's being said in novels must be crap or overly taken.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    were not supposed to consume our charts?
    Now THAT was funny! lol.

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    Enjoy your article.

    If 50, 100 and 200 ema's are stacked in that order i.e. 50 in the top in an uptrend I ask that the if we're in an uptrend. If the ignores me and carries on sleeping we are in an up trend so buy the dips.

    Same applies in downtrend if 50 ema is in the base.

    I favour 4 hrs, 1 hr and 30 mins looking for the primary trend on the 4 hr. If you've been lucky to start buying the trend early that trade once the market turns and you get ceased should not be the worst thing to happen in your life.

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