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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My son is only two. I hand him a printout of a chart, he eats it. I can't wait till he is five.
    LOL!!!!!! Thats different in what I really do!!!!

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    Speaking of kids; I came across this article from the WSJ:

    (I believe by going through google you do not have to enroll...) Anyway, for those who can't get it, it's about a 14 yr. Old running a professional - though still small - finance called Mariner Investment Advisers. Whether he'll become the Mozart (who started acting professionally when he was around 6) of investments remains to be observed; but it's still pretty remarkable...

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    Kids can be a true pain in the ass occasionally, but they're non-stop laughs. I would not want to live without him now that I know him, that is for certain.

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    There is no trend - what looks to be an uptrend on daily charts can look like a trend on weekly or monthly charts. Ditto for all timeframes.

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    quote When it comes to investing real money in a market where probabilities play a large role in, I assume that what makes sense is much better than what is written in countless novels. Says this sentence, the further touches to a trendline, the more powerful it becomes. The only contradictory opinion against this that I read was in the Dow theory, which states clearly that a trend at the beginning has the highest likelihood of continuing further its' way and since the trend goes on, the probabilities keep diminishing...
    That might be comparing a 1 chart trend unto itself. That is true. However, for the market, reading charts, you have to compare the charts, studying into what is a trend at this moment and another.

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