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Thread: What do you think is the best (fastest) way to learn PA?

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    Hi ,
    thx for the answers.

    I believe I have to describe my situation a bit more. I have found a system that is fitting me and that I want trade noting else than this system . It is the Trade what you see, not everything you expect-method introduced by EOHater. It is a egy with trade direction entrances and exits. You can find all the informations you need. I have spent a lot of time to research this egy and demo trading it. I believe I will say it's a great winning egy when you have patience and you learn the PA.. A lot of traders learned this system and exchange it successfully now.
    So post like do not exchange multi timframe or first read babypips than surch a method and start a demoacc... isn't something that helps me.
    I am not stupid. I have made a master in economics and that I know what the system relies on. But when you know the tweezers, dojis, hammers. . .set ups that does not necessarily mean you can read the charts. It is a discussion of technical tools which allow you to see from the complex of price movements. The transaction what you see... strategy incorporates enough technical resources to learn the markets and I want to shape my abilities in using this particular tools.

    I expect you know what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    because some time I'm following a trading method that's discussed in a big thread in this forum. The trading system is based on price action, previous price action, chart pattern, SR, MA's as floating support and resistance, multi timeframe...
    Though I'm trading this system since a year or even a bit longer I'm far away from studying the charts and PA as ideal as the thread starter or the other senior trader in the thread perform.

    I know it takes time to reach such a comfortable amount of mastering technical analysis but what can you believe...
    Well, learn what the patterns are, then test a couple of decades of data in Excel to get an notion of how special those patterns actually are.

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    Strip every indior off your chart is measure one.

    Subsequently learn to study one currency get to know it the best you can.

    Learn to spot S/R levels


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Find one trade setup that fits your beliefs, only one trade, open a live micro account and search for your trade every day. Use as little discretion as possible. Don't search for anything else. Don't trade, if your trade isn't there. If its there do not hesitate, pull that trigger. After some time youll find you get better and better, until you become its master.

    Just one stupid trade, thats all you need.
    Search for a lot of ways to exchange, weed out the bad ones. Keep moving, or even repeat. Cease if you go mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is the best response up to now. It's amazing how folks respond to questions.

    I suggest you get Forex Tester 2. Do as the above mentioned, locate one setup, then spend hours on FT discovering it. The real problem is that when we look back in a chart it's simple to observe setups. Seeing them as they unfold is more difficult. Using FT is the very best way.
    I will second that motion, here is a fantastic video which explains all of it, if you pay attention that is....


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    FORGET All of the BS! Any PA installment will be confirmed by lol Heiken I candles! Look and you will see! Or come to the thread I started I have a customized candle indior(OHLC-HA) that shows regular candles but colours them the color that an HA candle would be....And if you would like to say HA will not confirm a PA installation. . .PROVE ME WORNG! Lol yes you receive in alil later occasionally cause it was CONFIRMED....but you might also get in earlier occasionally...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    FORGET ALL THE BS! Lol Heiken I candles will affirm any PA installment! Just look and you shall see! Or return to the thread I started I have a custom candle indior(OHLC-HA) that shows regular candles but colours them the colour an HA candle could be....And if you would like to say HA won't affirm a PA setup. . .PROVE ME WORNG! Lol yes you get in alil later sometimes make it CONFIRMED....but you can also get in sooner sometimes....
    Feeling cool, now numerous holy grails are given off, and that all for free of such honorable and selfless people.

    I'm one of the followers, my guru. Long live Dredding82!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    oh cool, today so many holy grails have been given off, and that for free from these honorable and selfless men and women.

    I'm among my followers, my guru. Long live !
    Well if this guy/gal uses the OHLC-HA candles then it would be the quickest way to LEARN price action trading. . .once you heard what the setups look just like you're able to take the indior away and just use normal candles....but I sure aint! lol

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    Finding a formation that is egy/candle is one thing.

    Learning how the markets operate internally, what moves them, why they proceed, and the way in which they proceed is a very different thing.

    The second choice is what permits the first choice to be carried out.

    But studying a egy for the sakes of it without even knowing the market internals is useless as pointed out (I think he did haha).

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