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Thread: What Is An quotEdgequot IN Trading?

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    We know that this market is unperdictable that the only thing you could do is to keep analyzing the market for runners with tight trade managment, hence the Edge is YOU, how you read the market, how you handle your risk/money.
    Howmuch control you've got over YOU, thats your edge.

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    Figure out what works for you over and over again. The solution is how you view things and in your own thinking.

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    Possessing an edge in trading may mean different things to different men and women. To me, having a border means the abilty to perform a profitable commerce consistently based purely on one's own trading egy.

    It is not sufficient to simply possess some form of information, knowledge or skills that others might also have but how you're able to interpret/combine those abilities and knowledge together to derive a exceptional trading egy which will always place you ahead of others in this trading game.

    The key: One needs to consider the box.

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    Chances come and go... and comes back again in a cycle.

    I believe that the large advantage is the ability to wait, sit tight and be prepared when the Ideal time comes...

    that the abiltity to plan the trade, and commerce the plan to successful completion is another advantage

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    Knowing how to trade.

    The recipe...

    1) 50 cups money direction
    two ) 1 cup mechanistic system (forward tested for six weeks )
    3) 1 gallon of patience
    4) 1 tsp discretion
    5) 1/2 teaspoon of fundamental analysis (at least know what and when
    the tier one releases occur )
    5) 1 cup technical analysis (trend lines, service... etc)
    6) 1 cup trading plan
    7) 1 cup prevent reduction
    8) 1 cup profit goal

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    Edge is something you want find here!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Edge is something you need find here!!!
    Can you mean WON'T?

    Or something that you need to see?


    PS - You can find an advantage anywhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do you mean WON'T?

    Or something that you need to find here?


    PS - You can get an edge anywhere.
    Ok. . .WON'T FIND HERE!!!
    And I agree with you, it is possible to find edge anywhere. . .Im only looking
    at a single on the corner of the computer table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ok.. .WON'T FIND HERE!!!
    And yes I agree with you, it is possible to find edge everywhere. . .Im just looking
    at one at the corner of my table.

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    In full agreement with maheswara, though I dont think about it as a edge because trading is what I do for a living, I find EXPERIENCE and the capability to comprehend what the market is doing at this moment in time to be ALL that's needed to maintain a decent expansion amount.

    The frequent plogy supporting the term advantage resembles the feelings which this is a zero sum game or perhaps the silliness surrounding those who read the craft of warfare.

    NONE of this is a struggle between some hidden them and yourself if you trade with a broker, for the period of your commerce the broker is taking the other side of your trade and if you succeed in winning your commerce, the broker will find that back after by diluting a trade that puts the money back in their pockets -- THAT and the spread is what keeps them in business and YOU aren't fighting ANYONE!

    EXPERIENCE is what puts you AHEAD, as it will in almost any area which exists, but that EXPERIENCE only permits you to KNOW WHAT TO DO, and thats the most important thing.

    Most new traders LOSE since theyre not aware of how to REALLY TRADE, and so everybody is looking for that advantage as they do for the holy grail and none of these exist!

    Said I had been interviewing new traders for my own company, and so I needed to preset the days trading that's usually my part -- by the time that I closed down the workstation, after being away from it but for a couple of minutes between interview, I'd gained nearly 700 pips -- that isn't to brag, as 700 pips is no album, BUT it is to point out that without even being in the pc, ANYONE with experience can do this!

    I have NO advantage, but I do have experience and understanding about where prices are going and whats happening in the market, though my connection is a cable instead of personally being there, and ANYONE can learn, with a little bit of time and study, the way to do so easily and efficiently!

    EDGE is a hope and a prayer for those who do not have the EXPERIENCE yet -- just as playing warfare doesn't have anything to do with gambling.

    Its SIMPLY a matter of KNOWLEDGE and the applied use of this knowledge as pertains to the subject of trading.

    I maintain a thread over from the rookie section, which teaches how to accumulate 350 pips per day that I shall grant is not learned every day, but we've newbs there now coming up with over 150 pips each day, and theyre still studying, and NON are searching for an EDGE!

    Love and trade nicely


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    your advantage is that you...

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