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Thread: Gambler or Speculator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Edit: Plogy in trading as it pertains to technical levels and this is a whole nother issue altogether. I could touch on that at a moment that is later.
    Just bumping this thread so that Gaston can continue with this If he wants. Im very interested to hear what he's got to say on the topic.

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    Something that would be Interesting to know is the% (money-wise) of Forex Trading People or Entities that use TA asthe pillar because of their own trading, sadly there is not any way to understand or prove opinions. Whether this% was high then I can see there being a use in thinking about the plogy of price moves, ie, trendline breaks, fib bouces ect.

    Though plogy is usefull no matter the way you trade in an manner.

    'Plogy of the move' is like saying'reason for the move', and I think when creating a method you need to create a situation in your mind(plogy of a move/cause and influence ) around some info you class as'valid' or'usefull' and then establish yourself rite or wrong.

    Just thinking out-loud here.


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    Watched this show on TV the other day....was very intertesting...

    About a new science'behavioural economics'

    is presently demonstrating that hormones such as cortisol and testosterone may be causing supposedly rational traders to make ridiculous decisions.

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