My new idea is the chart contrasts with pivots that exist in which one set of similar angles turn contrary of another group of similar angles.
Sometimes angle groups only turn, say, -45 degrees to 0 degrees, rather than a cleaner 90 levels, in which case they probably are acting in accore with a more powerful pivot elsewhere.There may be a case of this, where everything contrasts with a couple such pivots. Or, there may be lots of the pivots that are more powerful, then repeated contours may work with them in conjunction. Or, a form or a compromise between two regions of price may take over, in which balance is, respectively, both nicely over 90 levels or nicely under 45 levels between angle-group pivots. From time to time, a pivot is developed into by a string of angles.
Charts for this list --

2 ran from space; it's only an l.p. 4

3 just the lowest TL with the two boxes --

4 fib time show reveals compromise of amount at 0 and at 2 with 3:

(4: outcome )