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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello All,

    I've been a current consumer of FF (months) and to be fair I've never realised that there was so much information on here. To my surprise I've read some comments.

    So I thought I would like to hear from my fellow FF's... that threads that they consider browse worthy and if they can possibly copy the links.

    Many Thanks
    I am looking forward to establishing what you bring to the Table.

    Sounds unkind But I've seen it earlier. Including the versions.

    Trial By Fire...?
    With this event...

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    What I had been thinking of late is that, why not start a thread captioned as GEMS IN FF, in which we will post links to all those excellent threads that in time can help the newbie and pros as well when they need to refer back to particular discussions....if this thread exists, then please provide me the link, anyone?
    Warm Regards

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    I want to push the thread since I want to filter the massive number of information here on FF. There is a lot of bullshit in this forum, but also some diamonds. Iam already searched the forum for studying recommendations, and till now my listing Includes 7 Threads:
    Chart Thread Strat's Long Term Stress Free Trading Trading using Deadly Accuracy PTT Method (Profitable Trend Trading) in Forex No Brainer Trades Building a equity millipede Jacko's Forex House of Pleasure and Pain As everybodys time is limited, creating a list reads helps everybody

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