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Thread: Mental Barriers

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    I'd be quite interested in learning some of the barriers you had too conquer in order also arrive at the following level on your trading? Is it significant being in charge of our emotions and how can you slay the dragon of feelings?

    If Plogy is important what was your hurtles you've overcome? Is it true we are often our worst enemy in terms of trading? Anyhow I thank you for responding, I'm beginning too see this matter is quite important long success in trading.

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    The Market is the same. If you're not careful, you alter every trade.

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    IMO the only way you are able to overcome a psychological barrier is by following a system that works for you. This is the only way to become prosperous in the future and is.

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    Here is just one mental barrier I have struggled with. MICRO MANAGING. . Yes indeed this has cost me a fantastic amount of cash. . MICRO MANAGING is playing your orders too do sumfin. Makes us feel like we're in control. I will say last year in my equity account I would have hit my aims had I never played around with my stops. Trades will take time being impatient we expect the thing and also grow proceed in our favor outside the gate. If I'm willing too take the trade with 1-2% risk then following entry lt might be wise also allow the market determine whether your wrong or right. Sure MICO MANAGING cause you to feel like a hero and works in the short term. If the thing rockets without you, you kick yourself. So I feel term MICRO MANAGING is counter productive.

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    One thing which I found helped with the plogy was switching to daily time frames and therefore making much fewer trades than I was. The time commnt is lower so you may be at less risk of micromanagement. You want to find a trading plan that works for you and stick to it. Whilst in a trades, place your stops etc and seperate yourself. . Go for a drive, clean out the house etc.. I find using is far better. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    IMO the only way you can conquer a mental barrier is by adhering to a system that works for you. This is the only thing that has helped me and is the only method to become successful in the long run.
    I second that. (From my own experience) A system provides you order in the maze and insanity. Gives you discipline and so forth. You simply need to follow it.

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    Thank you for the info guys. .

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    After nearly two decades of trading, I will tell you about a few of my mental barriers I have successfully conquer:

    to start with, was that the lie about getting rich in some few months or weeks. In trading any capital market with a significant quantity of leverage is profitable, but, when I ceased trading just like when I had a rush to live and retire young in the Swiss Alps, then suddenly everything became clearer.

    Second, thinking about destiny is on my side and I will succeed because it's God's will... actually, God provides a sh... if you succeed in Currency Market or maybe not; only with discipline and research one can eventually become profitable. In Currency Market, miracles don't exist, possibly once or twice , but you cannnot rely on these to become profitable.

    Third was ceased thinking about trading only one single currency; so far I trade 20 Currency Market pairs and I found that a clue to become profitable -for me- was diversifying risk among many assets.

    Fourth, thinking about trading more time-frames is riskier; as a matter of fact when you see longer time-frames (like 4-H, Dailies, and upward...) the trends are clearer and I began trading fewer times but more accurately.

    Fifth was knowing that the sense of Currency Market is not risking only 1% each trade... I discovered you can exchange risking more... but of course that doesn't mean 50%!!! Perhaps risking 15% diversified among 20 Currency Market assest -because I do- is not that bad...

    Sixth: Learning that here @ FF you may find fine trading egies and money management rules... a lot of these will IN DEED work really fine; one must adapt them to our needs. . That is all. . But that requires quite a very long time.

    Seventh: NEVER TRADE AS IF YOU WERE IN A COMPETITION AGAINST THE MARKET. . You will lose all of your money if you believe that way... you will never conquer the market. . But we can learn its language and comprehend it.

    I figure that is all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This is just one mental barrier I've struggled with. MICRO MANAGING. . Indeed this has cost me a good quantity of cash. . MICRO MANAGING is playing with your orders just do sumfin. Makes us feel as if we are in control. I'll say this past year within my equity account I'd have hit my goals had I not played around with my stops. Trades will take time being impatient we anticipate that the thing and also grow move in our favor. If I am willing too spend the commerce with 1-2% risk then following entrance lt might be wise also let the market determine whether your right or wrong. Sure MICO MANAGING makes you feel like a hero and functions in the short term. If the item rockets without you, then you kick yourself. I believe long term MICRO MANAGING is counter productive.
    Hello, I think u mean giving away the large fad since u are constantly managaing ur stops. . .and before you knew it your out of a trade because of a correction to see price fly off north.

    Correct me if im incorrect.

    However, if thats the case, then the problem is still mental. Means that your egy isn't aligned with your expectations. You see the treshold you've got. . .the winners that are diminished in transactions you get if you win, but it also means, you win owing to your risk tolerance.

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