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Thread: Finding my egy make some pips!

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    I'm finding that my egy (bar charts, sar, fractal, fib retrace) works really well.
    Crucial points tho:
    1)Pay attention to open and close prices (bar chart)
    2)Take note when sar dots alter direction
    3)Take note of fractrals and the way they aligns (major support/resistance)

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    I overtraded and got cocky. Still had a profit for the week. HOWEVER....this was a bad week for functionality.

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    I've left MT4....
    I changed to Ninjatrader

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    So now that I no longer trade reside with MT4, I must admit that I am much more comfortable executing trades; I no longer have a slippage issue; and I do not feel like somebody is cheating me through the platform. Ninjatrader is great but limiting without a full license. To compensate for it; it just so happens that my ninja account can be traded with just two additional platforms simulaneously. This gives me the commerce management features I am needing for my own egy.
    My charting combination is NinjaTrader, FOREXTrader, and Tradingview.

    Another observation, all pairs will not respond the same way to the exact same indior. So recently I've been using a set of indiors that I find work well with AUDJPY. I am leaning toward choosing the charting egy dependent on the tool traded and it's attribute movement.

    Ohhh, one more thing, I so wish that Ninjatrader will be accessible for trade explorers here 1 day.

    Eventenually I will not be using MT4 at all...I use it now to interact with you guys/gals

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    I am in a precarious regular job isn't stable and I am in a position where I could be fired for sales functionality (call center work). I live in a town where it doesn't address all of my needs and wants. I am still fighting to become a fulltime trader. There is an urgency that can't be denied. I am at a profitable position with USDCAD at the moment. Man...I want to trade forex/futures full time....the only knowledge gap I have right not is that the cash management and the plogy....this is tough...I will prevail...I WILL SUCCEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If they flame me I will take 1000 USD of my 401K and commerce it until 1)I get yet another job two ) trade my approach to independence....either way...I just hope you know what I am going thru....

    I despise slaving for a commission...I need financial and time freedom!

    Tradersway wont let me have an exchange explorer and ninjatrader doesn't offer it
    The only real reason I am using MT4 using tradersway is I dont have a NADEX account however and I seek rapid income

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    Here is how it explanation coming shortly....

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    Will not be posting to this thread; my methods have shifted

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