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  1. How do brokers make money??
  2. Charting software
  3. broker for newbie
  4. BroadBand Internet Connection for FX Trading?
  5. Indiors?
  6. Pip Value Question
  7. some what new
  8. Taking the Next step after you Have a trading plan
  9. MQL4 code help
  10. SBFX demo account disabled?
  11. Share you Pairs
  12. The 2% blues.
  13. broker question...
  14. NEW quot SET and FORGETquot Forward Testing for VP Day Trading System
  15. MT4 Account History
  16. Rob Booker
  17. Oanda Limit Orders?
  18. test trading egies ?
  19. Random number generation
  20. which chart time interval do u use?
  21. New to forex Tips and Advice
  22. My #EPZ6 and #ENQZ6 Trades(Futures)
  23. Trading with Heikin i
  24. Backtesting results with different timezones
  25. Trading Experiment: 100% by end of year
  26. NZD GDP Today at 4-45PM (EST)
  27. (Euro) Elliott Wave Formations
  28. MA Cross/RSI Short Term Trading System
  29. Question on SR Lines and Price Action
  30. Harmonic Wave Journal
  31. TEB trading group
  32. trading with parabolic sar
  33. Change Date format on MT4 .csv files?
  34. BAT EA modifiion
  35. daytrader software
  36. GBP/CHF trading room
  37. Visual Position Size Calculator
  38. Zigzag
  39. How many real accounts have you blown before consistently making money in FX?
  40. My Gbp/Jpy semi-scalp trade
  41. Ts Trading Journal
  42. difference between Usable Margin and Used Margin
  43. Muzicmastis trading journal
  44. Dumping AUDJPY...yen pairs not worth
  45. What does requote mean?
  46. JAGs Journal
  47. Eklavyas Journal
  48. Bam B quotNoise Tradingquot 20-08 Journal...
  49. MA plus Fibo = gtGreen pips
  50. New MT4 indior - Wave_AutoTrendLines
  51. what is the basic thing that we should know???
  52. Trade the Curve
  53. Todays Price Distribution Analysis
  54. Hedge Expert Advisor!
  55. how many pips did you lose before becoming a succesful trader?
  56. manage order ea
  57. Cesfx journal
  58. Shazbot trading Journal
  59. PipSqueezers 240 minute TF Journal
  60. 100% Win Math Grid Ea
  61. 95% failure rate?
  62. Ninpostar Revolution
  63. The Fractal Approach to S plus R
  64. Noobs on a mission. My journey back to a thousand.
  65. My Journal - Based on THV V3.0 by Cobraforex
  66. Best Mobile for MT4 mobile platform?
  67. Moving average bar painter indior
  68. Advanced EUR/USD
  69. Help to code
  70. Simple MT4 email notifier
  71. Need some help on warning alert for ea
  72. RSI EA using moving Average filter
  73. Rainbow consolidation for ninjatrader
  74. Time till next bar or candle
  75. Firebird EA - LimitSell/Buy and StopSell/Buy
  76. Average Daily Range (ADR) - code check
  77. How to find out the current market price?
  78. Stop loss = 1? huh?
  79. siobi Daily EA Journal
  80. Kroner Update (SEK, DKK, NOK)
  81. Looking for EA capable of…
  82. Strange Results
  83. a newbie journal
  84. Hidden SL and TP
  85. Long Term Forex Trend Following System
  86. How to empty a buffer, or at least restrict its length
  87. Drag and Drop Elliott Labels
  88. Better Volume Indior for ProRealTime users...
  89. Is there an MA EA like this?
  90. How many ticks will there be in 1min?
  91. Spread cost
  92. noobie question
  93. Indior wanted
  94. platform lockup
  95. MJ - MTF Stochastic
  96. indior update reqd
  97. Petes Forex Trading Journal
  98. Auto time exit system
  99. Need EA Programmed
  100. Hotchs Journal
  101. Difference in pips of moving average.
  102. Difference between demo and real trading
  103. Retracement indior
  104. ForexLive New York wrap-up: EUR holds retest of lows reserve managers active
  105. MIG is the first Swiss broker to get FINMAs license
  106. visual indior for 10 pips ?
  107. Divergence is a Very Powerful Indior
  108. Requesting ideas on improving my MT4 programming
  109. ECBers scheduled to speak today
  110. book: quottrading rules that workquot
  111. Double tye question
  112. My 50 pips a day trading journal
  113. Bar Size Code
  114. Vita goes live trading
  115. oandas sentiment indior
  116. I want a journal too!
  117. s 1,000 to 10,000 live trading horror show
  118. Price is everything
  119. Best Trading Plogy Books
  120. The ups and downs
  121. How to create an .EX4 file?
  122. ch an itch
  123. 30 /15 journal
  124. The chart store
  125. Im looking for a trade monitoring EA
  126. RichLadyFX Trading Journal
  127. Howie Journal
  128. Just to check my availability... and my discipline
  129. EU trading
  130. Suppy, Demand and Price Action
  131. A quotnewquot simple system based on MA
  132. Jeys Trading Journal
  133. Red Lions Trading Journal
  134. Dukascopy Tick Data 2 NinjaTrader
  135. Day Trading - Can I Make 10% a Month
  136. Scalping the DAX?
  137. B.S. Trading with
  138. Can Someone please help me out with this?
  139. Order Script Modifiion
  140. When a Consumer makes profit, does this mean the broker loses capital?
  141. Hanover replies to PMs
  142. E/U London Open Trading with Erik
  143. Looking for an ADR % indi
  144. Journal like any other
  145. supply and demand trading journal
  146. Trades of Dust
  147. I need help with a simple EA
  148. Alternate trading tech for Interactive Brokers
  149. Its Go Time
  150. Period Converter / Offline Charts and USD EUR Index
  151. MT5 beginner issues
  152. How to resize indior window?
  153. ReadtheMarket - Supply and Demand with Price Action
  154. Opening set of chart windows in one time on MT4
  155. SR Levels and charts
  156. Correlation Grid System ( EURJPY - CHFJPY )
  157. please help me out to cross this vast ocean
  158. Manual Trading vs Automatic Trading - Suggestions?
  159. Expert Advisor: Did you create your own successful EA?
  160. Alert when pending order executes
  161. AUD/NZD
  162. What IF you have a Holygrail Automated System?
  163. Draw line with predetermined pip distance from the origin line
  164. What lotsize would you choose...
  165. SandP500 trading
  166. VPS - Any recommendations?
  167. Question for limit order EA/platform
  168. Where is info on the FF Calendar xml feed?
  169. Can You Fix This EA? Access Violation Read Error
  170. Combining 3 Zigzags Into 1 Indior
  171. Does backtesting work?
  172. Any tips for a faster executing EA?
  173. Simple indior modifiion request
  174. Expanding Grid
  175. renko charts on mobile devices
  176. GBP/NZD... this Pair is Amazing!
  177. MT4 Trading the GAP With Excel
  178. Background trend for TDI, TMS, Heiken i
  179. mt4 partial take profit
  180. 50% Every Month
  181. Dashboard EAX
  182. Which is the cheapest index to trade
  183. Hull Moving Avg Code Needed for MT4
  184. Why successful day traders seek investment?
  185. Emacsen‘s Trading Journal
  186. Harmonic pattern
  187. How to play alert sound only once
  188. Alphacs Journal
  189. Stop ordering the news
  190. Daily Profit - H1 Trading using SMA
  191. Help me, by helping you
  192. 5min chart Trading
  193. Short Term Trading (STT)
  194. The Ultimate Solution - Martingale with Trend Following 2 in 1
  195. Renko Charts with TMA Band and CCBand (Idea - Fiddy)
  196. which setups/egies are frequently occurring?
  197. FDAX Sept2017 2.0
  198. Trading simple 1-2-3 and swing patterns
  199. The waterfall
  200. Tiny account but serious approach 2017
  201. 100% fool proof, cant possibly go wrong system
  202. US Dollar Index
  203. question about quotforquot statement in oninit or tick area
  204. Average 1% per day with Demo Account
  205. Strategy that works
  206. Nonparametric Association Measures in Systematic Trading
  207. ed-in Range Analysis (LRA)
  208. Cryptocurrency forecast
  209. I would like to have this indior
  210. FX Trading in Europe under threat - act now
  211. Warren Buffet Not a Fan of the Charts - Agree or Disagree?
  212. Delta rejection
  214. Build a robot without programming
  215. how to use VSA in forex?
  216. Price Action, Market Structure and Nothing Else
  217. my broker didnt execute buy stop, and stop loss hit
  218. Array out of range? Help?
  219. Lets see when Margin call will visit
  220. time to buy USDCAD at 1.25607
  221. Trading session 4:20
  222. Why does my EA miss some good trades?
  223. Renko iHarvest Trading Discussion
  224. Free TDI EA - how good is it?
  225. quotPrice - Structure - Flowquot
  226. Final destination
  227. Better execution in tiny, no-name Brokers?
  228. Have proof broker is manipulating charts
  229. Why you should trade 1-2% of your account on a trade!
  230. Wolfe Wave Indior/EA based on it
  231. Vertical line sessions indior mq4 coding help
  232. Reading/writing files in any folder - MT4 build 600 plus
  233. etrade order delay
  234. Mouteki creator - signals
  235. What is this trading egy? Any suggestions?
  236. Process the indior value fi the RSI of a Stoch
  237. looking for correl indi
  238. Whats the name of this indior?
  239. Help implementing zigzag similarity concept indior
  240. N Non Repainting Indior with Email Alert?
  241. Where FA or TA doesnt matter
  242. efs indior for eSignal
  243. Programmer Needed
  244. Where did this EA go wrong?
  245. What is the best Daily-Outlook for forex?
  246. abids method
  247. Low Risk 4HR PAC 1Min cycle
  248. Pinescript coders for tradingview.com
  249. Request: Script for Multiple TP Values
  250. Fractal alerts based on when fractal is confirmed