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  1. What would be the outcome if this happened?
  2. Beginner Questions
  3. Newbie Factory Journal
  4. The Mind of the Market -- Book Review
  5. My Asian Breakout trading Journal
  6. Raw market feeds?
  7. S/L for EUR/USD and GBP ?
  8. Euro Down to 1.15???
  9. Bears trading diary
  10. Some Guidace
  11. Overly Complex Coding and Trading Systems.
  12. Time zone used in chart
  13. Bing trade journal
  14. help with MT4
  15. BunnyGirl Cross system
  16. Building a Good Foundation - Lessons from Mister Bill, by Linda Bradford Raschke
  17. sonny winters journal
  18. Spreadbetting Platforms
  19. capital or margin??
  20. trading FX in HK..any suggestions?
  21. Best trade ever
  22. HELP- I cant trade during NY market hrs.
  23. Home Sales and FOMC Interest Rate statement
  24. Is there an official exchange rate?!
  25. USD/YPJ why is it so strange...?
  26. FXCM problems on DEMO
  27. Pip by pip - my trading journal
  28. Help with indior coding...
  29. Journey to me pot of GOLD
  30. Cable Hypercross System Development
  31. Trading SR Break with pullbacks
  32. Yans egies-tester
  33. CryoxMMA
  34. Waddah Attar Trend
  35. Work Vs Trade
  36. Confused about fundamentals
  37. Mouteki Alert Service Trades
  38. MACD Histogram
  39. MB Trading
  40. Shahroodis Journal
  41. My Boring Long Term, Live Account Trades
  42. pipprincess trading journal
  43. In A Trading Dilemma
  44. Sris Journal
  45. Moving Average Confluence
  46. trading journal
  47. Eklavya - EURUSD
  48. Hopefully my last..
  49. Bullrocks daily analysis.
  50. EUR/JPY
  51. Reminiscences of a FX Operator
  52. Personal Journal about Gravy Train
  53. Just for Kicks...
  54. Start to Trade
  55. Cooneys Eur/Usd Journal
  56. My Live Trade GJ
  57. [FXCapitalist]
  58. The Cats Journal
  59. Wanna Have A Simple (Free Hand) Trendline Alert !?
  60. GBP/AUD - Daily Trading
  61. PippinToTheTop!!! Trading Journal
  62. Wanted gap trading EA
  63. My journal, basic support and resistance makes you wealthy..
  64. My Gpb/Jpy trades
  65. Neurus Psar Demark System- 5 Min
  66. Lagarde journal
  67. Easy Daily System
  68. Need RSI/MA Cross Indior
  69. Is Trailing Stop Possible?????
  70. Stop Entry?
  71. Price Action Channel
  72. Moving Average Indior that removes Sunday Candles?
  73. Entry stop order management code
  74. could be alert added to ex4 indior?
  75. Buffer indior
  76. Closes too many orders
  77. Live trades by
  78. The losers thread
  79. Backtesting 2 Emas crossing
  80. H4 zone indior
  81. Optimized Parameters in Metatrader Testing?
  82. Trading Rituals and Superstitions
  83. 5 min Heiken i
  84. Id rather like the EA responsible for this, any ideas where it can be got?
  85. Prorealtime: drawing a line from indior
  86. Need help on csv
  87. Brand-spanking new tick database.
  88. I need an EA Coded
  89. EA to turn any loser into a winner
  90. 4 hour London session breakout plus eFibo
  91. modifying this grid ea
  92. Why has my egy tester gone so slow
  93. Large bar alert indior
  94. Indior Help
  95. indior for trending and ranging
  96. Printing pip number on chart
  97. Help needed! Can someone help me???
  98. Need to program a good idea of trend indior
  99. Extracted Posts
  100. GLOBAL MARKETS: European Stocks Eye ECB And BOE
  101. rollover question
  102. Trailing stop-loss EA
  103. got to do with a hanging man and a pinbar
  104. Forex Daily Outlook – December 11th 2009
  105. Daily egy - Euro to re-test support
  106. FXGrail plus Trend
  107. EA Modifiion
  108. The Jack.Canadia of 2010
  109. Indior Start Time
  110. would anyone be interested in free signals?
  111. Volume alerter for NINJA TRADER
  112. Automated Printing
  113. DTFD - Dot Trading for Dummies
  114. Joshs D/W Trades
  115. Probability Trader EA help
  116. How to close a function within the EA
  117. ForexChick SuRe TS
  118. Setebos journal
  119. Lowest trading volume of the month
  120. Bebops Random Calls
  121. pip movement indior
  122. Chart and Money Journal
  123. Simple Candlestick Patterns / Setups
  124. 5min MACD
  125. Thoughts and Charts
  126. Spaced Lines (v 3.0) indior thread
  127. TEBRadar 10 mins
  128. Two Systems Journal
  129. i-Exposure needs i-Mod
  130. AUD/CHF
  131. Can You Predict BIG Candles!?
  132. ThE GriND
  133. Info on tick charts?
  134. Free Beginner Webinars and QandA Sessions
  135. Longer Term Trades
  136. Bar width help needed
  137. EA to close open orders when x pips in profit
  138. The 95% of losers, its true?
  139. Current Day, Week, Month Averages Indior
  140. Error message from EA quotSignal - failed send data [403]quot
  141. I have source code for an EA. How do I use it in MT4?
  142. Need Programmer for nice easy indior!
  143. Please help me find a VPS for an EA
  144. Script to close orders once and only when new bar detected
  145. Daytrading/scalping with high leverage - my proven egy
  146. Why are most of the traders here failures?
  147. #8207Take 1435 positions Every Day in GBPUSD
  148. has www.mql4.com been hijacked?
  149. Default chart colours
  150. Wait, in, and out
  151. Looking for list of indior files
  152. Need some help to add option on EA
  153. Things a trader should never do
  154. Free on-line courses on how Financial Markets work
  155. Date and time issue on indior
  156. Indonesian Trader style - make trading simple
  157. how to maximize profit without TP and SL?
  158. The Price Action Thread
  159. Adding background color to this label
  160. Birth of New Trend Tipple Entry Harmonic Pattern Trading
  161. TL-Users: Idea Changing Linear MT4 Charts to Logarithmic Charts
  162. Please Help! How to get MT4 (build 670) to send email alerts?
  163. Pips or Profit Targeting
  164. The Great Pumpkin
  165. What is the Loonie?
  166. Code help needed please - Order select
  167. Help coding EMA for Volume
  168. divergence system, seems good, but needs some help
  169. How to predict the next candle?
  170. FXCM to Pepperstone Mirror
  171. Simple EA Coding Request - RSI Cross
  172. Found a book in my library, has anyone read this?
  173. what do you do while waiting for a good trade ?
  174. Dashboard Trading
  175. MT4 on a Chromebook?
  176. Top or Bottom - how I read candles for the next session
  177. Back-testing Strategy that Uses Multiple Pairs
  178. Pivot point indior with mid points needed
  179. Alarm robot that emails once per order
  180. The Traders Academy - by Traders for Traders
  181. Problem with Multiple Orders Open in EA
  182. My MT4 platform is Having a Problem - Crashing PC
  183. What works, and what doesnt
  184. Help to Mod Indior
  185. 0 to 10000%: Big RR
  186. Need something like ICM one click trading for mt4
  187. Breakout City Baby!!
  188. OSMA for newer version of MT4
  189. Level Indior Needed
  190. my grail system
  191. Currency pairs with lowest historical fluctuations?
  192. Gejordan Weekly Journal
  193. AUDUSD Trading Pit
  194. Robinho system power 1x8
  195. Turnng off the computer with an Expert advisor running
  196. The Most Profitable and Accurate System!? - All Welcome
  197. Pips vs. Percentages
  198. s Cable Corner
  199. Institutional Signals
  200. MetaQuotes quotThis is the last MT4 upgradequot
  201. Anyone tried this egy? looks interesting
  202. Fast Pips Forex
  203. What leverage is best for a newbie?
  204. Any Pair
  205. Your best method for identifying a trend please
  206. Why are you trading?
  207. Fully-Balanced Hedging
  208. The most basic profitable trade system or EA for beginner
  209. EA Trading Journal
  210. from 5k to 1M
  211. Trading Knowledge
  212. 3 months 50k demo for capital providers
  213. Do you stop trading during the end of year holidays?
  214. XRP
  215. 0toinfinity
  216. How to quickly calculate lotsize based on amount?
  217. My trend and pullback system
  218. Unusual EA: robust martingale with trend
  219. Ichimoku vs moving average
  220. Hackers steal $500 million from Coincheck
  221. Any Successful Forex Traders
  222. EA- 35 Period 4hr Moving Average For All Pairs
  223. Lets Get Rich Together
  224. Fractals in a fast moving market
  225. Is trading an art based on decision or system?
  226. 4TrueLoVe
  227. MT4 wont connect after win 10 update
  228. s bin
  229. trend is your friend
  230. FX Market News
  231. Quantitative Trading Journal
  232. Trend following discussion
  233. Questions about MT4 usage
  234. Indior deletes all drawn objects when changing TF
  235. Cant load indiors bought from market
  236. Swing x1, x2, x3 Strategy by Kelvin
  237. Finding MT4 coders
  238. Found My Juice
  239. Automation and backtesting
  240. Hows 2018 been for you so far?
  241. buying and selling from overbought/oversold levels question
  242. please guide on bollinger bands indior
  243. The Dojo
  244. 200 to ?, in a week
  245. Medium - term for the eurusd and gold
  246. Dashboard indior tutorial
  247. Inside Bar indior with email alert (MT4)
  248. high/lows from Monday asian range?
  249. L:ong AUDUSD at .8816
  250. Need Change From quotAlert only oncequot to quotKeeps Alertingquot