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  27. let us try this EA to find the best properties
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  38. Polling Outlook mail to initiate trades
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  50. Fib. Reverse Engineered.
  51. Handy MQL4 utility functions
  52. Best Trend Indicator
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  70. A fixed script for importing data from Yahoo finance to MT4
  71. Windows 8 Tablet or iPad for Metatrader 4
  72. Nikkei 225
  73. Spotware cTrader suggestions, improvements and issues thread
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  75. GumRais Dashboards
  76. ZUP indior for newer MT4s
  77. want some help to modify indicator/ea
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  79. Candle Change Indior with alarm
  80. Selling Options
  81. Bollinger Bands with SMA Filter
  82. Candlesticks are covering my indior
  83. Easy to use and simple position size indi needs to be fixed
  84. Easy to use and simple position size indi needs to be fixed
  85. MT4 Enhanced chart cross-hairs with automatic chart-sync
  86. Volumes on Main Chart with VSA and Volatility Alerts
  87. Looking for a Simple Candlestick Break EA
  88. RSI Divergence Indior (Need help)
  89. Im looking for a MT4 coder for my Heiken i EA idea
  90. MQ4 Equivalent of CT Indi Position Size for %Risk of Balance
  91. MT4 Strategy tester include margin calc in drawdown?
  92. Analyse MT4 trades executed by trailing stop and Stop Loss
  93. Pip measurement indior
  94. EA Manager for hidden stoploss
  95. One Good Pin Bar Indior
  96. Project Ultra - True quotOther Time Framequot Indiors
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  98. The Box of Open and Close...
  99. EA/Server Question on Sending Orders From A to B Between Brokers
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  102. Margin Requirement EA
  103. Vertical lines indior
  104. Indior which alerts when price is equal to pivot?
  105. MTF CI
  106. Help with MQL4 WPR code Almost got it!
  107. Congestion/Manipulation indior
  108. Help please... aged brain/ cold weather = coding problem
  109. help getting 2 EAs coded
  110. How to move one candle at a time
  111. [Request] Simple RSI Buy/Sell Indior
  112. Coding Challenge - Position Size Calculator
  113. Implied volatility data for Forex options in .CSV format
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  115. Can anyone code a simple indior
  116. Alert for Double CCI
  117. high quality GANN tools for metatrader 4 or 5
  118. Currency Strength Meter
  119. EA builder that can generate mean/median renko bar
  120. Request - MT4 Automated Horizontal Line
  121. Profitable EA
  122. Swing Point Indior
  123. Point and figure indis for mt4
  124. Moving Averages seperation indior?
  125. Why this support resistance fractal indior does not break?
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  128. Constant Array as argument
  129. EA is disabled after changing time frame
  130. How to change this Martingale to Reverse Martingale ?
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  132. BB width in pips display
  133. Change default alert type in MT4
  134. Non-Broker MT4
  135. Trading simulators
  136. Do you use MT4 for charting or just trade execution?
  137. Need assistance/help in editing an SR indior
  138. Ranging market identifiion indior
  139. Heiken i and Heiken i Smoothed EA needed for Renko
  140. Correct number of weeks for ATR and hour ATR
  141. Measuring the ATR of a group of candles directly on the chart
  142. need EA for hedge idea
  143. please share this indior
  144. Break Even Line for Multiple Order (Indior)
  145. Backtesting a repainting indior
  146. How do you set/modify a trailing stop on the MT4 App?
  147. Differences in TERMINAL in MetaTrader and StrategyBuilder...
  148. History for Renko
  149. ADXmod indior
  150. Help with GMT offset
  151. Is there anybody who can create a simple anti-martingale EA?
  152. help in sending email push notifiion
  153. Pivot indior with historical lines data
  154. Looking for .mq4 files that make use of custom classes
  155. MT4 Broker offering stock charts
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