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  8. hey all
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  16. it is very helpful to all traders
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  19. Something to print and pin to my wall??
  20. about the economic news thingy..
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  24. What is an EA?
  25. 3 NEWBIE questions
  26. Undisciplined Trading - quotstops are for whimpsquot
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  28. micro mini lot
  29. Hammer time.
  30. Exit egies???
  31. Trading… A Different way of thinking…
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  34. Once a day trade
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  36. Hedge-ring/triangular/basket
  37. For newbies:Learn Forex Trading: 3 Simple Tips for Setting the Stage
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  39. The Ultimate Stochastic Indior
  40. Security for Ea
  41. nevermind...ill figure it out myself
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  43. 20% per month. Is this possible?
  44. No Stress Trading
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  54. A Journey by Price
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  56. xXx system
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  61. Leap of Faith
  62. GBBUSD Weekly Trading Signal 4AM - 5AM EST USA Monday
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  64. How many pips will you set for trailing stop?
  65. My GBP/JPY EA
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  67. THV system, final edition
  68. Here is my trading signals
  69. In FOREX, is 10% return per month good enough?
  70. USDCAD
  71. DanUK Simple EUR/USD Trading Journal 2009
  72. Simple Daily Trend System
  73. Help with order/counter coding for EA
  74. is it possible?
  75. Trading using 110 Tick and 440 tick charts
  76. EA request
  77. Special breakout EA
  78. 8- Hours and Yearly Timeframe?
  79. Reading Data from a Web site. InternetReadFile() API
  80. Can MT4 display custom sessions
  81. VT Trader programer
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  83. MA Bounce/Touch Email Alert
  84. MetaStock to MetaTrader
  85. Need help with Aroon indior
  86. Looking for EMA that .....
  87. Help for indi
  88. Eaty system
  89. Looking for MQL4 programmer
  90. How can I test this breakout system?
  91. OrderModify (ECN)
  92. Daily Fib Indior?
  93. James16 plus Rayanmcd(Jankone) and ME
  94. which is the best forex system with many pips?
  95. Strategy Tester: data consistency
  96. Need Martiangle Expert
  97. I need help with very profitable EA
  98. Best Trend Strength Indior EA
  99. EUR/GBP - What a great pair to trade!
  100. Indi changes effective immediately ?
  101. How to normalize indior?
  102. Displaying Multi Line Text in the Chart Window
  103. (curve)-fitting and overfitting, good exandles wanted
  104. how to disable vista security for MT4
  105. Trend Line Future Value
  106. Can someone please help me with this code . . . .
  107. EUR/USD opens touch easier
  108. Cable having good day UK corporate demand noted
  109. Chart of the Day - 12/10/2009 – USD/CAD
  110. Change indior?
  111. Best quotrealquot EA in the world
  112. lines and objects dissapear
  113. Canadas new home prices rise less than expected
  114. [math] johansen test written easily
  115. MT4 Period Converter
  116. Alifaris Trading Journal
  117. My Random PAs
  118. Check based on Bull and Bears
  119. Forex for a living? A beginner is going live...
  120. MT4 to IRC bridge (signal sender)
  121. Cant take this any more!! (iMaOnArray)
  122. Unknown egy
  123. How to completely re-start EA within code
  124. s Trading Journal
  125. Cave
  126. NZD/USD
  127. what is the time mr wolfe?
  128. Following the Markets
  129. Bluesouls Trading Journal
  130. Follow My Trade
  131. HyperDrive
  132. RENKO 20 pips box size plus chart patterns
  133. Futures Data cheep or free
  134. G3P Micro Trades
  135. How to make lots of money using micro lots
  136. Paris Van Java Thread
  137. Ice cream 2.0 Journal
  138. Charts Heads-up for Pro Forex Trading Chat Room
  139. s Super Simple System
  140. 1stECN! $16 to over $150k in less than 6 weeks!
  141. MT4 says quotold versionquot wont update itself
  142. Turning US$100.00 to US$1,000,000.00, Target a Year!
  143. Inverted charts on MT4?
  144. EA quotClose all positions at profit targetquot closed all positions at loss ?
  145. Is it possible to automatically run two scripts every hour?
  146. Progressive lots sizing based on account balance and tracking balance
  147. Need Offset MA channel
  148. Hanovers EA: Modifiion Question
  149. Is there anybody that trades with Renko charts?
  150. Strategy Tune online EA builder
  151. quotbuy low and sell highquot
  152. Is this even possible in MQ4? (Capslock Toggle)
  153. Trading what moves the market - NZD/USD
  154. Volume indior accuracy
  155. Up and under price pattern
  156. Looking for long term (swing) egy, any help?
  157. RSI Candle indior
  158. GBP/AUD
  159. What does locking in profits mean? how do you do it?
  160. Miracle the Kaaba Fibonacci Theory 1.618
  161. Forex trading - best time
  162. how do I maximize my profit and minimize loss?
  163. Building a High-End Trading Computer
  164. 3ma crossover arrows w/ msg alerts
  165. How do you determine whether a S/R level will hold or not
  166. Searching for a High Low Difference Indior
  167. How to find if any EA order has been closed by TP
  168. quotAsk Manual Confirmationquot GONE for EAs
  169. Indior Modifiion - Add An Arrow
  170. How to give a manually entered trade the same MagicNumber as EA
  171. Consistent Profit in Trading
  172. The Spread and Profit?
  173. Recommend a Chart Overlay Indior
  174. Best (New York, US) VPS, dedied servers, GPU Servers
  175. Question about comment handling in mt4
  176. Pure Price Action Based EA - looking for FCFS Beta testers
  177. Missing H1 bars
  178. holy grail support and resistance?
  179. HELP: Expert Advisor doesnt work on my computer
  180. Best platform to build and execute automated trading systems
  181. Vertical Line Counting question
  182. Need Indior that alerts when price hit an EMA
  183. Systematic Daily Chart
  184. Looking for a mentor
  185. News Trading Pending Order EA
  186. Who makes real money from forex?
  187. Defensive Trading the Force Continued
  188. Fully explained SupplyandDemand trades, no indiors or volume.
  189. I plan to quit forex!
  190. Architecture for a c# data collector
  191. still requires endurance 1000 pip for scalping?
  192. The GOAL is to survive
  193. Trader pains and issues
  194. My Weekly Decision Bar Trading Direction Journal
  195. My Line in the Sand
  196. USD Crosspairs
  197. THE only Pattern
  198. My Daily Trading Road Map (testing)
  199. Market Profile (MP) levels/targets for DAX DOW NQ
  200. Is opposite of losing egy a winning egy?
  201. Chasing few pips and intraday scalping
  202. My Indior based on CS
  203. CCFp-Diff ... Low Risk FIFO News, Market Open and Daily Strategies
  204. Forex Pattern Scanner without loading mt4 charts
  205. mctc currency strength indi for you to try
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  207. Trading while on holidays
  208. DeepChills thread
  209. Why 99% of traders lose money
  210. 2018 Trading Account Experiment
  211. JagzFX Free Trading Tools
  212. Post for T4Trade
  213. Looking for proven scalping egy to program
  214. Trading The Numbers?
  215. Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings
  216. (binned per thread starters request) Simple Trading Methods
  217. Looking for a good Divergence Stochastic Indior
  218. Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Modified Martingale, Maths
  219. Jordis system
  220. News Trading System - Possible Automation
  221. Help with this EAs settings
  222. Playing with the currencies: Gabin System
  223. Trade Report modifiion
  224. Bitcoin Now and What is Next
  225. 5% Growth a month?
  226. 5 minutes scalping egy
  227. EUR/USD Extensive Elliot Wave Analysis
  228. Real reason why 99% lose - daytrading
  229. Remote control??
  230. How do you deal with your losses?
  231. Chart Patterns
  232. Win in Trend and Win in Range
  233. My work, None Trade Like me
  234. Trading GBPJPY with the Mufasa EA
  235. Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram
  236. Coder needed: Trendline-Part of profitable system automated as an Indi
  237. Crucify - Crude Oil Trading
  238. Question about EA when taking profit
  239. My daily trading journal
  240. wilkinsons trading system
  241. Simple EA Needs Coding
  242. Help: Looking for MT5 version of MT4 ADR
  243. Fundamental Journal by Manu
  244. How can I write an Excel monitor to control my positions?
  245. EMA Trading
  246. My First Book on Forex
  247. multi timeframe Hull MA for MT5
  248. Looking for an entry script/indior for MT4
  249. Script or EA to close the market
  250. My Trading Journal - Starting with a $100 Credit