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  1. do you have a written trading plan?
  3. Any CMS-Forex traders out there ?
  4. For The Wiz
  5. How do you define risk?
  6. Crude Oil
  7. Trailing Stop V. Moving average exit
  8. Anyone using high leverage successfully?
  9. VTTrader: Cms
  10. Carry Trading Question
  11. The Forex Market NEVER actually closes
  12. VWVB Daily Chart Analysis
  13. HELP!!! Genesis Data Needed
  14. Whats really behind fib levels?
  15. No Stop Losses!!!
  16. Daily EUR/JPY analysis
  17. 45 Ways to Avoid Losing Money Trading FOREX, by Jimmy Young
  18. Vegas Special File #2 released NOW
  19. close to quitting...
  20. Good sources for Forex Fundamentals?
  21. trading during NFP
  22. Cad News Released 1 Min Before... !
  23. NFP Results....
  24. Any other veridical traders?
  25. Please tell me your method!
  26. Getting Around your broker
  27. Non-Farm Payrolls 1st of SEP
  28. How far is your Stop loss
  29. Labor Day trading?
  30. Money Management vs. % of Success in Trading Systems
  31. College Major for an FX Trader?
  32. US Current Account / US TIC
  33. Clear Signal: SELL Dollar
  34. So I doubled a DEMO, now I have half of my LIVE deposit.
  35. north korean panic ensues..
  36. Last Week Friday NFP announcement.
  37. Correct Money-Management using Price-Action (huhh??)
  38. Trading FOMC minutes
  39. US Retail Sales and Consumer Sentiment
  40. Absolute Simplest KISS Method. Also, how do we measure risk reward?
  41. NFP and rumors around
  42. Amazing Disaster Trading Stories!!!
  43. NZD PPI report
  44. Why trying to get in before the spike will never work
  45. is it true
  46. So your brokarage account just hit 7 figures
  47. Nov 16s US CPI
  48. Little Pip in a Big Pond. Help!!
  49. Setting The Triggers !
  50. zzz...
  51. US Unemployment Claims
  52. What is after hours trading?
  53. New kid in this circle
  54. Long Term Trading W/ Micros Advice Needed
  55. Your Trading Experience
  56. Thai banking fiasco
  57. USD Positioning
  58. NFP report
  59. Question of Fib Lines Associated With Models
  60. Michigan Consumer Sentiment
  61. NZD/JPY Correlations
  62. What are we called?
  63. BoJ Rate Decision and Fukui speaks at 1:30 EST
  64. Who are the top best Forex traders in world??
  65. 100% mechanical trading systems
  66. Subprime Worries
  67. True opening and closing hours?
  68. Do you count trades when you open or close them?
  69. Market Depth
  70. is it feasible to scalp gbpjpy?? how??
  71. Yen carry trade:
  72. cable goin up or touching down
  73. Follow the trend!
  74. My quotHoly S**t Momentquot
  75. How many of Technical Analysis based systems are junk?
  76. Statistical Probability Trading With Price Action
  77. Why is NZD so strong??
  78. My live trading journal
  79. A Day Traders Day?
  80. 280607 -Interest Rate... Another bloodbath for EURO?
  81. forex Courses
  82. Axioms of trading
  83. Questions About Auslancos Trades
  84. trading systems vs account size
  85. NZD fate
  86. set and forget/low maintenance systems
  87. Predict market is easy
  88. BOOKS
  89. Canadian Retail Sales Core
  90. Little Note For Times Like This...
  91. Mental Barriers
  92. Thanksgiving Trading!
  93. Does anyone trade EUR/CHF
  94. Super Patterns
  95. Bash that system!!!
  96. Hedge a losing position?
  97. Who is best ? stop loss or trailing stop
  98. trading with 10 millions VS 1 million ??
  99. What made you successful @ FX
  100. My life is spoiled
  101. GBP/USD Higher timeframe Analysis
  102. GBP/JPY for QQE Traders !
  103. Why do 99% of the people who wants to be traders fail?
  104. whats with this quothedgingquot thing??
  105. Short Term Trading is Quantum Physics
  106. Question about the journal factory
  107. COT Charts, Great Info?
  108. Is the market random or not ?
  109. Its impossible to lose money in Forex!!!
  110. Divergences - (All Pairs)
  111. Time it takes to be a Successful Forex trader
  112. If the world goes into recession, what happens to trading Forex?
  113. Australian Dollar May Free Fall
  114. Real - Trading for a living
  115. How much did you start with?
  116. Appliion of Volume in Forex
  117. Is it possible to use interest earned on a position to make real money?
  118. Trading aud/nzd successfully
  119. Price Action Scalping
  120. Stop fooling yourself There is no system
  121. Something a little different
  122. TA self fullfilled prophecies... what a joke.
  123. If you could be a forex market maker?
  124. sell high buy low
  125. Gambler or Speculator?
  126. The video store
  127. Tips to avoid getting scammed in Forex
  128. how about news trading, can it work?
  129. What Is An quotEdgequot IN Trading?
  130. CFTC plus NFA: End Of Hedging?
  131. Do you Believe in 4 hr/Daily bars?
  132. Universal Powerful System
  133. bar channels
  134. Lets talk future and solutions
  135. [NFA] 4 reasons to ban hedging
  136. Make Your Own Road
  137. Charts on Drugs or works of Art?
  138. Long term Profits within Negative Expectancy
  139. ... Why I am sucessful because of my rules.
  140. Best Read Threads On FF
  141. trading with fundamentals is the only way to go
  142. Myth Busters the Forex Edition
  143. Draw Down Experiences and Recovery
  144. What was your biggest Forex mistake ?
  145. GbpUsd 5 min breakout
  146. Support and Resistance Trading Simplified
  147. anti-martingale by Lauriston Livermore
  148. How do you gain, and measure, your trading systems statistical edge?
  149. Bet on the Direction
  150. Bet on the Direction
  151. Daily Inside Bars
  152. Dominos Price and order flow trading
  153. The Quantist
  154. FXCMs System Selector / Dailyfx plus
  155. How was your day in the markets
  156. Edge of breakouts
  157. Cant set a 1ema?
  158. Daily Charts: Oanda vs. Metatrader4 closing time
  159. Daily Charts: Oanda vs. Metatrader4 closing time
  160. Daily Candle
  161. Daily Candle
  162. Trade at home or at the office?
  163. What do you think is the best (fastest) way to learn PA?
  164. Cornholios Reading Suggestions
  165. SFM - Trading Room
  166. $1000 to $1,000,000,000 in 4 years
  167. Trend Trading
  168. Advice I wish I had as a complete forex newbie
  169. 3-9% a day with CHOROS?
  170. Has anybody experienced stops being hit more frequently?
  171. Planetary cycles, astrological theory of cycles of the markets
  172. Scalper challenge
  173. Short Term Vs. Long Term Trading
  174. The Moment Of Victory
  175. The Art to Draw Correct Trendlines
  176. Swing Trading
  177. 100 Fold Challenge -gt Interested? TEST yourself
  178. Money flows: Trading the strongest / weakest major currency cross
  179. Greece 2012
  180. Looking for a full time trader trading a mechanical system
  181. USD/CAD went wrong, tips on money mgmt
  182. My theory about forex market
  183. Stop-Hunting Question
  184. You Can Predict The Market 100% Of Time
  185. Cable and Fibre
  186. Looking at Exchange Rates in a Scientific way
  187. Never Lose in Forex - Guaranteed
  188. Crosses, bounces and curve fitted indiors
  189. Is forex becoming less popular?
  190. Semaphors and zig zags
  191. Place(s) you go during Your Trading Session
  192. How far will I go with 11 trades, each 30 AUD?
  193. Do you really need those Millions? Medias view!
  194. Is this a correct Divergence set up? GBPJPY Daily
  195. Leading the trend - price action
  196. How FX options can affect spot price heading in to expiration
  197. so you got rich, what now?
  198. $1 lottery - Learn to trade with Nano account
  199. GBPUSD and AUDUSD Daily Analysis
  200. AUDNZD, GBPJPY, EURUSD - H4/D1/W1 Setups
  201. WTF is wrong with me?
  202. Why does price make a pullback after a break?
  203. Real Volume Indicator
  204. Why is hedging not discussed as much?
  205. Can statistical methods be used to create a trading strategy?
  206. Can statistical methods be used to create a trading strategy?
  207. FX and weekends - Are markets open?
  208. DONT trade Udines 00 level Strategy
  209. Magix, Martingales, and Market Myths
  210. Statistical mean of the market [quant corner]
  211. forex tip - Dont use a fixed stoploss brokers can target
  212. MTF Stochastic trading using 1min chart (Questions)
  213. Choppy market index: any good ideas?
  214. It seems impossible to make money in the long run
  215. Has the latest event with CHF affected your outlook on forex?
  216. Using WM/Reuters Benchmark Rates in trading
  217. Experience as a trader
  218. Want to know how to get rich?
  219. What is the Best Type of Pivot Point
  220. Position Trading - F it, lets start a thread
  221. Technical Analysis alone will not give you an edge
  222. How I made $250,000 last week... SUPER SECRET Strategy
  223. Is Forex trading worth it? If so, why?
  224. Any success with neural networks in trading
  225. Brief Story Of My Life and How I Stumbled In Forex Trading
  226. Zhus Forex Thoughts
  227. Martingale, Anti-martingale, and Compounding
  228. To be right in trading one will need to be absolutely wrong
  229. Trading Logic and Market Constants
  230. Voodoo Science-Statistical Analysis
  231. Brokers stability during Europes Brexit referendum
  232. How far can £100 go?
  233. Palpite - share indicators, teach, and learn
  234. Offline Charts Trading
  235. Is strictly trading support and resistance profitable?
  236. How to identify the most Ranging Zones
  237. How many pips do you make per month on average?
  238. Guru mentors
  239. Hey...what about Volume?
  240. Verbal diarrhea matches trading skills?
  241. 2024 Milankovitch cycle
  242. PTL Goes Daily
  243. Cable EURUSD USDJPY Trading Discuss
  244. USDCHF 6 Month Forecast
  245. Forex Gang Trade
  246. How did you make your comeback??
  247. What to do with this bloomie Terminal???
  248. Breakeven Stops - Trading Emotions
  249. more knowledge more problems
  250. IMM Positioning: EUR and GBP Longs at Extreme Levels