Not exactly sure where to place this thread/question but here goes.

I'm using the renkolivecharts_pimped_v4.13 discovered on this forum attached to many threads and I have a issue, every time my MT4 crashes or re-launched, I want to scroll all of the way to the start of the M1 chart so that I get enough bars to form a fair Renko chart.
When I'm at home, I simply keep the Home button pressed with a small paper clip or some thing and go about my business until it finishes and I move over to some new chart until I'm done refreshing all the charts I'm meaning to trade or follow are refreshed and the EA creates nice Renko charts.
But when I'm at work and commerce while attached to my PC in your home, it takes forever to hit the Home button in my phone's display and I had been wondering if there's any workaround for that or some other Renko generating EA/indior that can do that by itself.

I've attempted MathTrader7 Renko generators and if they are great, they suffer, at least on my MT4 the exact same issue and the spread calculation isn't accurate (maybe it's my indior's fault, not sure), I've also tried various different EAs such as RenkoLiveCharts but seems to want that refresh of the M1 chart.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.