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    I'm among those many traders who've been affected by the CHF turmoil and my really reliable Broker Alpari UK is in issue and I am seeking to move on.I am openning this discussion to find out if IG Index is a fantastic alternative especialy for those in UK who do Spreadbetting.

    Please Don't Hesitate to mention anything you have experienced whilst trading with them so that we can assist each other in such times of crisis

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    I have been trading Using IG for a while. They are quite good and offer a lot in their platform. The negative points are that they roll overs are rather high, and they're chasing me for a negative balance.

    Good luck

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    Hi Rudimar,

    I have exactly the same situation with IG a negative balance of about 5 occasions my deposit. Are they still pursuing you for paying the balance? Any remedy for this particular instance?


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    Same here....and you will find over 300 others influenced

    They reel you in and then when push comes to shove....they shove you off a cliff

    How much transparency have they contributed regarding negative balances? None.... What they do will be sneakily chase up and frighten each person separately into paying up.

    I would go with a company that'll look after you when sh1t hits the fan...

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    It's reasonable to pursue yes. However in this case they had been the origin of this slippage. They took time to check places, aggregate them and then try to offer them in an illiquid market. In reality, users got fills around 10.11. . .about 41mins following the event.

    Try asking them to get a timestamp of the trades.... They don't have any. I am sure that's breaking among the FCA rules!

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    Is not it fair for any Broker to chase you to get negative balances given what happened on my preceding Broker Alpari?

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