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Thread: Spreads?

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    I presumed, possibly wrongly, that brokers quoted a disperse to get a pair, then 'that has been'. I've just been seeing the spread on cable on ATC fluctuate between 4 and 9 pips in a 5 minute interval.
    Does this sound 'normal' to you?

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    This is a wild time, and the liquidity in spot is just not there, most banks Have Been tightening their credit lines with their clients and If liquidity shrinks, spreads widen, pretty Regular, even on liquid pairs like euro, yen, cable, swissy,, You're seeing much higher than Ordinary spreads in Addition to a much shallower liquidity pool

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    When EUR/AUD is making 2000 pip moves in an intraday basis you can inform the market is highly illiquid...

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    Thank you.
    I guess I'd presumed that FX brokers were 'better' than spread betting Co's in each respect. It confused me to see the spreads on IG not altering, whilst my ecn's were.

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    Having widened spreads the previous fourteen days, not soo much today, but across the board from all major liquidity suppliers, makes the price of trading which considerably higher, but that's the market, nothing we could do about it

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