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Thread: Currenex vs Hotspot FXi: Life view screenshot

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    People using hotspotfx, I'm conscious this is the wrong thread and I wanted to PM shrike however I realize I can't attach files there, fast question.

    Is my platform designed to look like this in the trade view?

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    No, Tradeview is simply a attribute on the coffee HotspotFXi platform - its not accessible on retail. Your screenshot shows the ChoiceFX platform employed by Hotspot retail EU-branch (it can be setup to operate with FXi too - but it will cost extra commissions, and it still wont have the tradeview-features).

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    Eh shrike, how come I can not open that window fully then? The platform is quite bad.

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    I really don't know, maybe try using the windows classic theme, not the XP theme. It works for me.

    P.S. fairly bad that they still did not manage to exhibit mkt thickness with this software.

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    Bloody hell, still can't get it. This is a disappointment. Yea I heard just the US version has it. Shrike, mind posting a shot of your hotspot platform for me personally? Together with the trading window open if you do not mind, will value this.

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    And Nick Stadel from GFT; can you describe why GFT doesn't offer spreads such as the ones that have been posted here?

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    Jody ill send you a pm after.

    P.S. I suppose everyone is posting in the wrong thread, GFT and hotspot retail is sort of offtopic in here. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Jody ill send you a while later.

    P.S. I guess everyone is posting in the wrong thread, GFT and hotspot retail is kind of offtopic in here. .
    No, I saw Nick watching the ribbon and he constantly talks up GFT using their new factor spreads so that I asked while he was viewing the thread. Not offtopic at all.

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    Yea I was rather aware of that. Sorry men and women.

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