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Thread: Jade FX changing to new liquidity provider (leaving Boston Technologies?)

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    This message has been delivered into the Jade FX customer terminal box:

    Great News for our Members on our new forthcoming Liquidity

    As many of members know we're in tough discussions, to get the best deals from our liquidity suppliers and only pick the best of them out as well as after choosing the very best, we still need to make sure they can meet certain requirements for executions and low spreads.

    Here is the Great News
    We are going to have new liquidity Supplier with a more stable implementation and much lower Spreads and over 72 Currency symbols
    Compared to our current liquidity
    Spreads: Are lower than what we've currently in all cases on all over 72 currency symbols. As we have they are not Fixed spreads, the Spreads are Variable spreads.
    Leverage: 100: 1
    Lots to trade: Micro-Lots ( 0.01 = 1k Lots), Mini-Lots (0.1 = 10k Lot ), Standard Lot ( 1 = 100k Lot )
    Minimum Account Deposit = US$ 400
    Commission = US$ 0.06 per Micro-Lot per Roundturn, US$ 0.60 Per Mini-Lot per Roundturn and US$ 6 Per Full standard Lot per Roundturn.
    Trading Network Infrastructure = Brand New infrastructure built from Planet up for Optimized Trading. All New DataCenter and Brand New Powerful Servers that are just Optimized for Trading. You will observe a massive difference from what we have today.
    Strategies allowed: Normal Scalping Allowed but Not Aggressive Scalping, Hedging is allowed, medium long-term trading, Expert Advisors are allowed, Guide trading is permitted e.t.c
    No more of those annoying liquidity problems we've been having, we are sparing nothing to be certain our members get the very best
    What is needed in your Part in order for us to rollover to the New Liquidity

    Scheduled liquidity Cutover or Rollover Date is Friday 26th February 2010 at 1 PM EST (New York Time )
    1. We are asking our members all to begin unwinding or closing their Open positions if they could because we approach the above date. Please be sure by Wednesday 24th February 2010, you have your orders closed or have hardly any orders open. Incase for any reason, you can not close your orders by end of day on Wednesday 24th February 2010, please Let us know ASAP, so that we can handle the liquidity cutover or rollover quite smoothly with minimal impact to our customers
    2. Since today we've Brand New infrastructure - Our current VPS users will get New VPS IP addresses on 26th February 2010 at approximately 3 PM EST and Login Credentials so they can Installation it over the weekend of 27th February 2010 and have it prepared for Sunday. We will be open throughout that weekend to ease the liquidity rollover. This New VPS are more secure and more reliable than that which we've been getting out of our spouses
    3. Trading will probably Resume as normal or regular on Sunday 28th February 2010 at 5:00 PM EST ( New York Time )
    4. All Members will be required to Download the New JADEFX MT4 Client and set it up. It's almost like that which we've now except that the Servers that are hardcoded into the New JADEFX MT4 Client are different along with some other cosmetic changes and now you will be able to download historical data for suitable backtesting, straight from Metaquotes servers. It will be available end of day on Wednesday 24th February 2010 or sooner from our new website The Symbols will no longer have jfx at the end of those. Example instead of EURUSDjfx you'll have EURUSD as a sign
    Hint: For all existing members when you have charts and EAs set up using Account Name and Account Number. You account Number and Name will still be the same. Just be sure you have a Backup of your Templates, EAs and Indiors and you can just copy them back to their individual similar folders under the new JADEFX folder

    5. Once you do this you're all set. Our members will be delighted to find out that which we are offering. It's a large Leap from that which we have currently. We are becoming better Lower Spreads, Stable and speedy implementation and Micro-Lots and all at affordable Institutional ( Bank ) Spreads.

    For the First-Time we are likely to have a brokerage made from Planet Up to serve our Members because 95 percent of our members exchange for a living and we want them to keep on generating income in order to support and look after their own families. We are also traders and we've been through what a few of our new traders are going through or have recently gone through. Therefore we really know, what a JadeFX Autotrader Club member should triumph
    1. Low Institutional Spreads
    2. Low Commissions
    3. Stable and Fast implementation
    4. Flexibility to exchange with EAs, Normal Scalping and Hedging

    Any Questions and concerns about this should be forwarded to and we'll respond as soon as you can to our members concerns

    Thank you very much and hope that we can have great trading Months moving forward

    JadeFX ( Jade Investments Group, LLC)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    So who could be the new liquidity provider?

    Positive points:
    Minimum trade size has been lowered from 0.1 to 0.01 lots
    Reduced Ask-Bid spreads (yet to be seen)
    better implementation (yet to be seen)

    Negative factors:
    Leverage has been lowered from 200 to 100
    Commission has bee raised from 0.5 to 0.6 USD a 0.1 lot
    Also confirms that they're a bucketshop.

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    Pretty rough requirements for a mean short-term Forex trader to fulfill IMO. Another reason to go with MB trading...

    If there a STP ECN, why would they care if you do not hold the order for 90 seconds? Or have a profit of less than 5 bucks.

    Wouldn't this increase revenues?

    My figure is only full size lots go outside to the real interbank market, like many other ECN's with very low minimum initial deposits demanded they aggregate the rest of the order.

    That is taken from there site

    We offer tight spreads, as low as 0.2 throughout high liquidity periods in major currency pairs. In STP kind of Brokerage, the minimum lot accepted by a bank is 10k ( 0.1 Lot ) with increments of 0.1. If any broker gives you Micro Accounts and 0.01 Lots then you will be trading through a Dealing Desk. At JadeFX we do not have Dealing Desk and we do not offer Micro Accounts.

    I guess they acknowledge to having a working desk, because they will be supplying Micro-Lots. .

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    Forget all this broker JADE FX is Fraud!!! Lost 2000k account

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    Who could be the new liquidity provider?

    Positive points:
    Minimum trade size has been reduced from 0.1 to 0.01 lots
    Lower Ask-Bid spreads (yet to be seen)
    better implementation (yet to be seen)

    Negative points:
    Leverage has been reduced from 200 to 100
    Commission has bee increased from 0.5 to 0.6 USD a 0.1 lot
    Aggressive Scalping is not permitted.

    They haven't defined what Aggressive Scalping is, and also how it is different from just Aggressive Scalping and standard Scalping.

    But from what I've read by somebody who contacted them to get additional information:
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you cannot close an order with less than 5 pips and have to leave the order open for as 90 minutes
    The reason is now clear to why such details were not included in the statement.

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