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    I was simply interested. Beginning with bars after my 2000 GMT bars, all bar times have been 3 minutes later than their supposed to be. Eg. On the 15 min chart bars begin at 2018, 2033 etc.. Is that happening to everybody, or is it just me. I know, I'm dangerusly close to a conspiracy thearist, but I am just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing and if anyone knows why this is.

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    That's now normal.... A while back there seemed to be a possible difficulty during those 3 minutes.... If I remember correctly a bunch of traders figured out those 3 minutes introduced a low liquidity issue.... They placed large orders to run stops.... I believe it was net issue....

    To protect it's clients, again if I remember correctly, ibfx halted trading for all those 3 minutes.... Round this time this was implemented, I clearly remember some big spikes....

    I have been using ibfx for 7 or 8 years now.... My experience with them was excellent...h

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    utilize another mt-4 broker who utilizes EDT 5pm open and close
    Mine is from 21:00 to 23:59.
    I personally don't trade during this time.
    It erupts in 0:00.
    Why it has been doing this I do not know but it has been going out of about 3 assembles ago.

    We should probably post the matter at IBFX support.

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