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Thread: Arent ECN Brokers just fronts for bucketshops?

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    I was wondering about this. The liquidity providers for ECN brokers (eg, mb trading, FXCM active trader, etc)... they are just market manufacturers / bucketshops themselves, right? How do we just expect the level 2 data arriving from the liquidity providers?

    I know with FXCM Active Trader, you can not post trades inside the spread for some other clients. . Just the'liquidity providers' are allowed to be market makers. How exactly is that ECN?

    Is the the same with MB Trading? What type of guarantees can people get that MB Trading / FXCM are not forwarding...
    The Currency Market sector is a scam, I mean, the Currency Market industry at which the broker does just Currency Market as company, why?

    A market maker make 100/200 times more of an ECN broker.
    Why? Whatever you knows why, they cheats, even if they do not cheat they're an ECN with no commissions, so a bankrupt business.

    Now a lot of them need to reveal to be supplying an ECN excution, and you need to examine it and remark about this in the upcoming months and years.

    Now, assuming that they are a true ECNs, not adulterous, they're bankrupt! Because at the point they're just performing a company to make a commission, little, fixed, zero cheats..., that is the same do as dozen of decades stocks brokers and futures brokers! The distinction is that the Currency Market is virtually all concentrated in 5 cross/pairs, while stocks, options, stocks are hundred millions of instruments and countless times more volumes in terms of transactions than 5 pairs of currencies...

    So, as they become ECNs, there'll be 100 times less margin that already send them bankrupt, then when start competitions I do 30% usd percent, now 20, now 10, now 5 etc etc they're bankrupt mathematically! , or. . Again the new ECNs cheats... and we will possess ECNs excutions on the real market but again using cheats because they still possess the licenses as market manufacturers!

    So, to be ECN method to shut down the market maker business along with the Currency Market just websites/businesses, and also to remove market maker licenses that are something in the border of legality and decence in this financial world.

    Will be nice, along with the unique way to halt the SCAMS in the Currency Market is that this organic, slow. . Progress that will cancel eternally market manufacturers, okay can stay some stil living but using the class actions to fx firms and regulators I feel that a day nevertheless this scam will be stopped!

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    ATC and MB Trading will allow you to place orders inside the spread (in fact they encourage it) so you are able to lower the spread on the greater spread currencies. (PFG might too - I haven't demoed them )

    #1 - (ECN - MT4 in BETA - Navigator Platform ready now!)
    #2 - (ECN)
    #3 - (ECN at Russia - Broco Investor Platform)
    #4 - (Untested however a ECN)
    #5 - (ONLY the MTxtreme ECN Platform - Not greatest choice but waaaay better than IBFX, FXCM, etc..)

    Do not even THINK about the other stores. They are not worth the hassle.

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    Principal company of PFGBest is futures. Thus, maintain cautios about their FOREX serives, a lot of negative comments...

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