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Thread: Can MT4 Brokers see your EA/Indi

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am a Network Engineer and I have worked with Software Businesses and QA departments. Brokers can see of what you are using spitting image. You dont think they script logs to ship if your order goes for their dealing desks. You are horribly mis-informed if you dont think that they see what you are currently running then.
    Would you mean MT4 customer running a picture streaming service?
    Have you ever checked packet size sent by mt4 customer to broker's server?
    If mt4 customer send chart's screenshot continuously, how much bandwidth would it take? Imagine if you've got 18 chart opened.

    In http(s) protocol, there is no way for broker (server) to steal information on client's pc. The only data they recieved is that the information sent by mt4 (customer).

    Btw, most of EA failed without broker's intervention. Heck, they even neglect on egy tester

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    I have wondered this myself. Two observations:

    1) When I create a new EA (normally by performing a save as from an existing one and changing the buy/sell logic) I can not see this new file from Windows Explorer. The document is included in one of MetaTrader's files. Maybe they've got one large file with all your EAs and indiors.

    Two) I feel the brokers can read their own platform files. Oh, we read the files to find out whether they are current. . .and we will notify you if you want an update. Meaning maybe they can read their own files. And your EAs are in their own filespace. . .not separate files.

    I Truly wonder. . .when it comes to cash. . .things can get very funny.

    Perhaps what to do would be have a empty EA file except an /include (or whatever the syntax is) to pull the code in from another document. I think this other file needs to be under their experts folder (or somewhere close to). . .but at least you can place the code there. If your EA a part of one. . .maybe they only see the include statement, but not another document that you place there yourself (not stored via MetaEditor. . .but saved from a Windows editor).

    But I just don't anything for sure...

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    Could a broker figure on Indior settings and EA settings from journal? Does the broker have access to journal and its logs?

    I visit the under entry in journal tab of Terminal.
    2011.11.16 18:14:00 Custom indior Heiken_i_Smoothed_Alert_Bar1 EURUSD,M30: loaded successfully


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    Everybody else is currently wasting time worrying about insignificant things. Stay focused on your trading and the most ones will improve.

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    1 Attachment(s) nobody is wasting time on this particular topic, its a valid question and concerning topic.

    The only way to comprehend that with confidence, with no ECNjesus or comparable, supplying facts from the host side capacities, is to suppose that they can see all.

    I recall a while ago, on at least two different events, with two different brokers who used MT4, at which I contacted their support and explained about an issue I was having, so that they logged in as me out of their workplace to see how they could deal with the issue. Metatrader manager allows easy access to each clients details, but because very few traders are powerful most brokers would not disturb (chicken or the egg).

    Now from my experience, even in the event that you alter your password, then it can still be recovered from their database, even if they desired to make the extra work. Now if you're highly profitable, 5 mins of staffs time to retrieve a password may be well worth the effort.

    Some more evidence of host side settings and how they can track your preferences: 'LogAnalyser Settings plugin' to access and view individual traders configurations, also 'TopTraders Settings plugin' well that speaks for itself, either by Metaquotes.

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    hi. . This is an old thread but I would like to share my experience here nonetheless.

    I conducted EA on two seperate brokers, with all the same equity and setting. It's a news established EA.

    One broker actually MC'ed my account, opening a variety of positions at odd (none news related) hours within a day.

    The other is still (as today) working well and at the money.

    So to answer the query; can a broker determine exactly what EA ur running?

    MY ANSWER and experience is. . YES!

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    Apart of EA... can broker view indiors (emas for instance), what kind and how you plot them on your screen?

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    Have a friend who's one of MT COOK Australia's founding partners. . I asked him the Exact Same question is no possibility of doing this but there are additional features that shows easily if You're currently using an EA..Example Magic Numbers etc

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