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So I've narrowed it down to 3 brokers which I am currently reviewing to go with, any input would be appreciated, will not take any broker information not listed below, the reason is I want to remain on target with my options.

ATC Brokers
MB Trading

Although I've done my homework, would love to know any reports that have to do with slippage, platform freezes or requotes, of course anything else which would make an appliion for your brokers listed previously. Slippage that is during news doesn't concern me as I don't have any intent of trading...
I will allow you to narrow it down to 2 brokers:

. . .We'd like to notify you that from Friday 13 May 2011, Deutsche Bank will no longer offer dbFX, its online FX trading platform for both individuals and small institutions. DbFX has made arrangements which will allow current clients to start an account with FOREX.com....