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    Can I just confirm that FXOPEN aren't a scam broker as many on this forum have suggested. I exchange together, and they have never stolen my money, never stop hunted me, and never messed me about.

    So come on guys, take it easy with all the FXOPEN criticism, I see a lot of it if people don't even trade together, just basing their judgements on previous comments from a couple of men.

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    Dear All,

    As far as I understand if both companies have a Cyprus speech then must be controlled by the local authorities.

    You can check the list of controlled companies in Cyprus from

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    They have the exact same Cyprus address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Dear All,

    so far as I know if both firms have a Cyprus address then needs to be controlled by the local authorities.

    You can all check the listing of controlled companies in Cyprus from
    FXOpen doesn't mention anything about CySec on their site. CySec is Claytons regulation. The regulator you have when you don't want any real regulation

    They list the Cyprus address as Legal aid office on the site so it is like TakisD says.

    As for FXCompany, I'm convinced it's simply another one of those Russian bucketshops from (or closely related to) the same people who brought us these beautiful sc like instaforex and liteforex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    FXOpen does not mention anything regarding CySec on their website. CySec is Claytons regulation anyway. The regulator that you have if you don't need any actual regulation

    They list the Cyprus address as Legal aid office on the website so that it is similar to TakisD says.

    As for FXCompany, I am convinced it's just another one of these Russian bucketshops from (or closely associated with ) the very same men and women who brought us such beautiful sc like instaforex and liteforex.
    I wouldn't call Insta and Lite sc, but they're not exactly leaders from the broker market, unlike FXOpen, that had been one of the first, if not the first broker to have an MT4 ECN.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    fxcompany is a scam broker dont gamble ur cash together. . .they are owing me up till now, they dont pick calls, mails or u dont get them customer service. .
    scam broker.
    Spot on you partner. Unfortunately I only lost my funds with fxcompany.net. I have done a study on the internet earlier but didnĀ“t got anything. Then opened a real account and had exactly the exact same experience plus different spread as previously or in demo account (0.8. - maximum 2 pips) got 2.5 pis additionally SL/TP started with 6 pips (ought to be 3pips) finished 15 pips!!! re-quotes after once opened a trade. Nearly unable to do anything ( placing SL/TP, close commerce etc.). Lost my funds. No response to email, live chat not available , free telephone number not working. THIS IS A MEGA SCAM Company.

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    This speech is probably only virtual office area. It's possible to rent virtual area in a building using a prestigous speech, and you get a PO box, telephone relay, a protect out, and perhaps can use some infrastructure there (meeting rooms, frontdesk etc).

    In my town you can rent virtual offices pretty cheap from the old exchange building (pretty expensive area). Hundreds of companies have their official domicile there.

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    FX brokers (as well as all companies in general) typically have several websites. As long as the titles are rather similar, everything should be okay. Just keep a look out for the titles being radically different.

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