Switching to Oanda, any thoughts before I ...?
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Thread: Switching to Oanda, any thoughts before I ...?

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    Being trading for a few years now, Can finally open a typical account but I do not wish to transfer all of my funds over.

    I'd love to leave the bucket shop dealer, but I understand exactly what to expect and most importantly, check over all of my SL's to make sure that there wasn't a suitable low liquidity spike, I'm fine. And I do not feel like or want $1200 per month to get bloomberg.

    So after exploring, I believe the ideal fit for a typical account would be OandA for the'customer service' from what I hear along with the spread history really looks good, during high liquidity times it appears to remain at.9-1.4 for Euro.

    Before I open the account, some additional encounter with them or another broker worth looking out.

    At the USA so please do not associate non-us brokers that I can't use, Although It could make this simpler

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    check oanda ribbon:


    has accumulated informations and reviews/thoughs about oanda, going back 7 years. So have fun reading it!
    Thanks, browse through it but I was looking for'up-to-date' reviews, and , some individuals will not give an answer unless they're asked. So I'm asking to hopefully get some of those people!

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    Fast execution rate.
    0.9-1.3 distribute on EUR/USD through London, London/NY sessions.
    Prevent news trading.
    Throughout high volatility your stops/limits may be honored at a lesser price. You can avoid that by empowering bounds. If your bounds are too restrictive your order might not be honored.
    Their platform crashes throughout major moves in the market ( 200 pips in under 2 h for e.g.).

    That I believe it is great for scalping during normal market times.

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    Check oanda ribbon:


    has accumulated informations and reviews/thoughs about oanda, going back 7 years. Have fun reading it!

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