Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram
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Thread: Fake it till you make it: meet the wolves of Instagram

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    The original Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, was a rogue trader convicted of fraudulently selling worthless penny stocks into naive investors. His biopic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the ostentatious, money-obsessed huckster, was a. Although it may have been intended as a cautionary tale, to thousands of young millennials from humble backgrounds, Belfort#8217;s story became a blueprint for how to escape an unremarkable life on low cover.

    Within months of the Wolf of Wall Street#8217;s UK premiere in January 2014, a stocky 21-year-old named Elijah Oyefeso from a south London housing estate, began broadcasting on social websites how much money he had been making as a stock-market whizzkid. His thousands of young followers were desperate to do the same. As Oyefeso#8217;s online popularity grew, he grabbed the eye of TV manufacturers. In January 2016, Oyefeso was featured in the Channel 4 show Rich Kids Go Shopping, in which he bought expensive jumpers to give to homeless people and showed viewers how easy it had been to make stock trades online.

    Before Oyefeso#8217;so look on mainstream TV, his story had gone viral. British tabloids, including the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard and the Mirror, in addition to a plethora of online magazines targeted at young men, all ran pieces about his achievement. Http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/ar...#ixzz3wN9ongBD explained him as a college dropout who supposedly used his student loan to start trading financial products online and #8220;today claims he earns #30,000 on a BAD month #8211; by operating just ONE HOUR a day#8221;.

    It#8217;s a picture of self-made riches and ridiculous luxury, and yet one which Oyefeso has intensively cultivated online. The movies on his https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk4...sP_LA/featured, which have hundreds of thousands of views, attribute him buying #250,000 cars and boarding private jets as nonchalantly as the others his age might hail an Uber. Https://www.instagram.com/elijah_oezz/?hl=en, which frequently shows him posing near a silver and blue Rolls-Royce, describes him as the founder of DCT, his trading firm. DCT stands for #8220;Dre Come True#8221;.
    #8220;I#8217;m not going to work for somebody,#8221; Oyefeso states in one of his movies, in a somewhat cartoonish, nasal voice, while he drives his Rolls dressed in a bathrobe. #8220;Look what I#8217;ve built: a foundation. A brand. #8221;


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    But aggressive affiliates, and those with an eye for marketing opportunities, have taken far more from the retail FX industry than FX punters have. Speaking to an old mate in the spreadbetting business, he informs me his greatest paid affiliate gets involving 20-30k per month, from a one person run website. Pens a couple of posts a month, tweets, uses other social media, gets traffic, converts it. Not too shabby.

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    There's a sucker born every minute. lol

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    The original Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, has been a rogue trader convicted of fraudulently selling useless penny stocks into naive investors.
    At the excellent ol' days you used to run the snakeoil salesman from town after a little compulsory torture. I miss those days. :--RRB-

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There is a sucker born every minute. Lol
    And there's no genius born each moment. Year or day

    waiting to meet or see that a genius from the get go with no success
    I have this disorder I called boredom, cuz everyone on the planet looks exactly like me, thinks too, behave too, eat also, walk also, read also, watching also, making sx too, everything is the same so genius is just another phrase and we name titles that is it

    laugh too

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    The first snakeoil in (and from) China had excellent healing properties seemingly, what killed its rep was con men faking it. Always worth remembering that human nature hasn't changed since we evolved.

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    quote From the fantastic ol' days you used to conduct the snakeoil salesman out of town after a bit of mandatory torture. I miss these days. :--RRB- image

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    Forget that guy. I need to quit my work and receive trading NFP in my mobile phone using 30 lots.

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    Yeah, the man in OP's post is a known scam artist. Check it out: http://www.dcttradingexposed.com/


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    There is a sucker born every second. lol

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