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    Hi all, therefore Martingale has been a risky yet maybe non profitable system. While roulette has a border of (2.7%/5.4%)

    Inspired by Adam Khoo.

    Afterward for Forex, swap and disperse is equivalent to the advantage from the roulette system but it can be correct with SL and TP corresponds the spreads your broker provides.

    So, I thought of a simple mathematical method of trading FX, it could be boring, it may cause you months to take off a trade but, I guarantee you will not eliminate money.

    In different perspective on searching the information. My opinion comes here, if high with low is 100%, and 50% is middle.
    Say for instance, the all time high for EUR/USD is 1.60384, and all time low is 0.93240.
    Which 0.67144, or 6714 pips is consider 100%, round it up to 6700 pips for simpler calculation. Then 50% would be 3350 pips.
    This can apply the last high and the last low, lower timeframe, etc..

    Depending on how much funds you are able to risk, then divide them to 10 times drawdown in terms of martingale egy, that would be.

    Now allot each transaction to 10% of the overall pips we have gather earlier, 6700 pips, which will be 670 pips each transactions.
    This 670 pips will probably be our SL and TP. Making each transactions together with that 1:1 RR.
    Isn't this guarantee you a never loss wager, well this is the fundamental I'm trying to tell.

    We all understand, transactions maybe in your favor sometimes, not often as luck will soon run out.
    Statistic reveals 2 TP and 200 SL has a 99% likelihood gain rate, I can be the 1 percent to eliminate off the trade that I have stunned as I'm experienced this lousy fortune 3 times, once you buy in, the market crash in the next couple of minute. So fortune aren't guarantee but mathematics does has a border.

    Martingale is intended to win a piece of candy but losing a mill, which is accurate and we came up an idea called Reverse Martingale. Is it called a snowball effect, rolling $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64....

    I would like to combine both these egy with a little manipulation in what FX attributes us enjoy, positive interest rate, spread, risk reward ratio, and I guess there are far more hidden methods of trading I've yet to explore yet, but make it basic as my knowledge grow I will upgrade this.

    So my idea is to exchange it this way.

    Reserve Martingale, securing profit as win streak goes .
    1: $10 S - $20
    2: $20 W - $40
    3: $40 W - $80
    4: $80 W - $160
    5: $80 W - $240
    6: $120 W - $360

    Martingale, extend SL and TP as lose streak goes .
    1. -$10 L ~ -$10 (50TP,50SL)
    2. -$10 L ~ -$20 (50TP,50SL)
    3. -$20 L ~ -$40 (100TP,100SL)
    4. -$40 L ~ -$80 (150TP,150SL)
    5. -$80 L ~ -$160 (200TP,200SL)

    Our concern is the reduce risk as far as possible, so as lose streak goes higher and higher, extend your TP and SL trading with a favorable interest currency pairs that pays off 0.2 pips regular, imagine if your trade holds for months. The favorable attention will probably save you.

    Otherwise, losing over the 5th time is critical to you, reset it to zero.

    Up to now in my understanding of how the FX market works that what I read about earlier. Is the central bank, does not care whatever egy, or magic indior, or some 99% gain rate expert advisory you are using it. They just search orders which profit them the maximum.
    He claims the only thing which works are trend, service resistance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi all, so Martingale continues to be a risky yet possibly non profitable system. While roulette has a border of (2.7%/5.4%) Inspired by Adam Khoo. Then for Forex, swap and spread is equal to the edge from the roulette system but it may be adjust with SL and TP contrasts the spreads your broker provides. So, I thought of a simple mathematical way of trading forex, it may be boring, it might cause you months to take a trade however, I guarantee you will not eliminate money. In distinct perspective on appearing...
    I am working with chart analysis (Price Action egy)! I think, it is much better than the Martingale.

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