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    Hi Everybody,

    In this thread I'll do an extensive EW analysis on EUR/USD. I'll search for standing trade entries and high likelihood swing as we proceed.

    The analysis on EW will proceed from GrandSupercycle to Minute waves.

    We'll utilize the minor and minute waves in conjunction with fibonacci retracements, timezones, trendlines and continuation or reversal patterns to loe entry points and price action for entry timing.

    For exit targets we will use intermediate/primary and cycle waves together with all the aforementioned and fibonacci extensions.

    Grand Supercylce and Supercycle waves we will use to know what's going on longer term.

    The true exit is going to be price action and Indior pushed.
    I shall use following indiors:MACD Entry Period Filter / Divergence / / Wave 3 Analysis RSI Trend Power Analysis / Divergence / Overbought-Oversold Conditions EMA 5 / SMA 8 Trend Momentum Analysis EMA 21 / EMA 55 Trend Speed Analysis EMA 200 Trend Power Analysis It is possible to follow my trades on the Trade Explorer.

    First I'll sum up the waves we'll be analysing from big to small waves.Grand Supercycle - Waves that last Decades / Analisys about the Monthly Chart Supercycle - Waves that last Years / Analysis on the Monthly and Weekly Chart Cycle - Waves that final heed / Analysis about the Weekly and Daily Chart Main - Waves that final Weeks / Analysis about the Weekly and Daily Chart Intermediate - Waves that last Days / Analysis on the Daily and H4 Chart Minor - Waves that last Hours / Analysis on the H4 and H1 Chart Minute - Waves that final Minutes / Analysis on the H1 and M15 Chart Every Chart is going to be named, so that you can stay informed about the degree.

    Bullish waves are Darkgreen, Green, Forestgreen and freshwater
    Bearish waves are Red, Darkorange, Orange, Yellow

    The waves will be named with the following legend.

    The next 3 basic rules will be applied.Wave 3 can never be the shortest impulse wave Wave 2 can never go beyond the start of Wave 1 Wave 4 can never cross at the same price area as Wave 1 And a guidline that wave 3 is normally the longest.

    For my next post I'll do a comprehensive analysis on EUR/USD so we will know what is going on. The rest we will do as we proceed.

    More info on Elliot Wave can be found here.


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    6 Structure (s) Monthly Grand Supercycle - Supercycle

    We will begin with the grand supercycle and cycle analysis on the monthly chart.

    As you can see we did finish grandsupercycle tide ((II)), it ended at fib 61.8. And we are currently on our way for either a correction on supercycle or a new supercycle uptrend, grand supercycle wave ((III)). We'll know when fib 76.2 get is broken (red lines), if it does not get broken we are still at a bearish correction on supercycle. So there are just three to five cycle waves necessary to finish (A).

    If the 76.2 fib (green) get is broken ((I)) will be ((II)) and we will be on our way for bearish wave ((III))

    Weekly Supercylce - Cycle - Main

    As you can see on the weekly chart we did 5 primary waves to finish the initial cycle tide (from 3 to 5). We don't know if this really is a bearish correction or a new supercycle uptrend.

    We will need two more waves to finish (A) on supercycle.

    Daily Primary - Intermediate

    On the daily we completed main tide (5), now we are possibly in a complex triangular correction A E.
    This may also turn in a primary bearish trend.

    If this triangle range does not brake on the disadvantage today and the final candle is a doji or a hammer there might be an opportunity for position trade long for tide 3 on cycle.

    H4 Intermediate - Minor

    This primary complex correction is a dual three correction on intermediate. Short targets to finish wave Y is fibE 123.6 @ 1.2140.
    We will want at least one more wave to finish.

    H1 Minor - Minute

    So we will need 5 minor waves, the sole question now is if this tide 3 has ended or not.

    Elliot Wave Analysis Conclusion

    Thus Let's sum up the EW standing as I see it right now.

    SuperCycle - Bearish Corrective Phase Wave A
    Cycle - Bullish Motive Phase Wave Two
    Primary - Bullish Corrective Phase Wave Water
    Intermediate - Bearish Corrective Phase Wave C of Y
    Minor - Bearish Motive Phase Wave 3

    This means we have potential for continuation on the disadvantage, but there might be an opportunity for a long position trade if the Main closes as a triangle complex correction.

    For my next post I'll perform an analysis on trend strength, speed and momentum.
    Together with price action, targets and EW probability.

    We will Take a Look at fundamentals and opinion. Then put it all together at a trade program.


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