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Thread: THE only Pattern

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote A strong candle down. Watching H4 and low support. Will it be a reversal if today's candle sticks below the low of yesterday?
    Looks like double bottom coming shortly.
    But I prefer to see this. Do not pray for an effortless life. Pray for the strength.

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    Market dawdle. Entries are not rushing this morning . Remaining patient.

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    @ Inthebox..whats your own system for carrying profit? Thank you in advance :-]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    @ . .whats your own system for taking profit? Thank you in advance :-]
    That's the more difficult part, both in waiting and momentum.
    For day trading, if there is momentum, perfect will be the high/low of previous week/day, or preceding day before yesterday, ie. 2 days before.
    If no momentum, about one hour fractals can perform.
    Sometimes this may carry on to next day.

    Hey, this is article #4001 of page 101. A mile stone.

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    EU less than 50 pips range until today. Let's see what NY session will bring.
    Boring. Let me make up some story for the day. Hehehehe....
    Big boys have large order to fill for customers at day open. However they can not be filled by them . Therefore the multiple times price has to come down to day open.

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