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Thread: Who makes real money from forex?

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    It is possible to earn money both in short term and within long term period with high likelihood.
    The main difference is it is not possible for most of people to remain stressed for a longer period (couple of months).

    That's the reason why high leverage is great just for quick and short-term profits. Not the leverage, but also value of Your open positions. Equity is changing all the time, and when magnitude of these changes is high concerning Your daily life level it becomes stressful for You.

    And this generally changes everything as for distinct levereges you trade entirely otherwise.

    /// Yes, I earn some money on FX...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Earning money from Currency Market within brief time period is not likely in any respect, if you prepared to make by short cut way, please go for binary option trading you can be profitable on the contrary loser.
    Binary choices???


    FinanceFeeds has conducted extensive research to the binary choices industry, also deduces that no reside market exists at all, which binary choices market makers which supply the trading solution and market making system to brands do not have liquidity feeds linked to virtually any bank or aggregated price, instead weighting the 'odds' so that customers lose their money.

    The court case also explains how, for customers who had high deposits and desired to effect a withdrawal, a type was sent to customers to authorize the new to trade for the customer, at which point that the broker would implement transactions to ensure the investor dropped all of his or her money.

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    What I have discovered what makes it hard to learn how to trade Foreign Exchange, it is all the bad info that you hear about ff.
    If 95% of traders eliminate money, then 95 percent of everything you hear is B.s. and the 5% who are making money are not telling how they get it done.
    Whatever you want to know is at the charts, the price can only move two ways down or up that it.
    And do not read the books on trading equally as bad, do not buy anything simply learn how to browse the price chart.
    And find where the vital levels of SR. all trading egies,
    come to exactly the same thing SR, regardless of what they call it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Earning money from Currency Market within short time frame isn't likely in any way, if you willing to earn by short cut manner, please go for binary option trading you can be profitable on the opposite loser.
    Occasionally it feasible in case your egies will works correctly but of course you have to ensure first of all specific money managing skill. Otherwise not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This tread was created out of a discusion with my wife... she states each moment spent forex trading is a moment lost, as nobody could never really make anything out of trading. Only temporary profit, but nothing certain in medium-long period. there anybody available to talk about his trading experience, by this pojnt of opinion? Real cash actual and invested profit..say per month? Could anybody state tjat, beetween profit and loss, at the conclusion of a time you've got actual earning, as you work at workplace? That is a kind of poll and not know whether this is correct...
    It depends upon how you specify time lost. I learnt a lot about myself during trading and I truly liked the trip so much but the time before becoming profitable is being infested which won't be given back t one in the event that you opt to step back at once.
    There are some negative experiences related to forex I've heard no one talking about thus far.
    In my opinion earning long term in forex/trading is potential however, it bothers me a lot that I do not create real value with my work. Getting away cash from a few people without creating a great or supplying a service does not feel satisfying and rewarding. Trading and only being responsible for yourself is fantastic as well. You do not have a boss you need to report to and interact with real people on a daily basis isn't necessary. This contributes to trading can turn into a very lonely occupation and I wished that I would be sitting in a room with other individuals once in a while.

    I won't quantify earnings for you in actual numbers as this greatly depends upon trading system and preconditions, but my average monthly income x wagered (there are rather large deviations available though which do not take place if you get paid a fixed salary).
    I don't know how long what I'm doing will still work and there are a few facets in my personal trading I'm not really happy about as they rely to small items to provide enough security as I would like to rely my whole lifestyle on it. At the moment I can't complain but I certainly am certain that I wish to do a different job in my entire life.
    You will find many similar topics from the rookie section but they generally only talk about it is likely to make x % similar or weekly.

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