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    k. Close below MA for buy.
    L. Close over MA for sell.

    That is a new SL added. Our buy entry is at High6. All data at RSI, MACD are deleted to prevent confusion.

    This is a buy order illuion. Case5 k, use at Low9. Close of low9. So we will take the low point of Low9 as our new SL. Do not forgets to -- 16pips -- spread for our new SL too.

    Case6: If commerce start without any instances applies, place at current high or low.

    This SL is added to prevent worst instance scenery. It's a normal SL. If most of our SL rules don't use we set the SL in the current high (for sale ) or low (for buy).

    In our instance, Low10 is our market entry and High7 is our current high. Thus High7 is our SL.

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    Thanks for this new system, I'll try it immediatly.

    Good luke for your EA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hmm if no / - imply u r in the GMT0, GMT 4, GMT 8... Therefore my recommendation is use a GMT 1 platform as platform and commerce in your own platform. In terms of which platform pls refer to tis...
    Thank you Eaty, but I do not understand the idea behind with my broker to exchange and employing another platform as a platform. Can you please or someone else explain?

    Additionally once you refer to bars do you imply candles?


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    Thank you. What percentage wins do you have and how long have you ever live analyzed it. It seems good.

    Your English is excellent.


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