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    It appears that many people on this forum (especially the succesfful ones) trade commodities in addition to the Foreign Exchange. Logically, this allows one to exchange a number of uncorrelated markets, and thus, reduce risk. Is it possible to market in the Foreign Exchange by trading various currencies? It appears to me that since most people trade either US/?? Or EURO/?? , there could be a very high correlation between distinct currenies.

    I have looked for broker's who offer both Foreign Exchange and commodities. But most of the broker's I have found just offer Foreign Exchange. Are there some broker's who offer both, in addition to a platform which has the capability to backtest? I am mindful of tradestation, but that I don't have the money for that right now. So far I'm using metatrader, as it is totally free and it has the capability to back-test.

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    Some brokers (Or market makers) will Give you trading Foreign Exchange and some commodities Through the meta trader platform...I Really Don't know about These, but I Am Certain That they exist..You May Want to ask Meta Quotes themselves, they Will Not Eliminate anything to give you the tip...



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