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    Fantastic evening.
    I had a quick glance at stoch, though with different configurations. It didn't suit me at trending times it's overloaded and that I cant say if it's trending or overbought\sold. I hope u understand me. I'll take a better look at 8-3-3.
    You know, as I wrote here, I started to doubt my setups. Maybe that's plogical. I want to be certain 100% that my trade's gonna be a winner. At the moment I got 8 windows available with various heaps of indiors, seeking something helpful.
    In my view the difficulty of these entries, as mineis they're happening somewhere in the middle or even the end of a move. Maybe I want to check at Daily charts to capture a larger image?
    1 march was a 30 trade, Sell 1.3196, TP=1.3166
    two march was not. -19pips. Sell 1.3210, SL=1.3191
    Now Sold 1.3098. Although I feel uneasy, sensing a retrace. Well, we'll see.

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    Fantastic luck to you, let me know if you need any more comments... I'll be floating about.

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    I want to understand the best MA to use with GBP\USD in 15min

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    Hello again to anybody who had a moment to fall in.
    Thank you, MM, for great dre. Hope to hear your opinions. Please come by anytime.
    Of course 5 March commerce was a reduction. My sense of retrace was suitable. At the time I was looking at some new things, which likely will be useful in future. I now am backtesting it and sure thing will post the results here, if positive and helpful.
    Approximately 6 March. My BT1 revealed down, BT2 revealed up and HA was red. So I needed to SELL, according to my original plan. BUT (and here you may anticipate something contradictive) my new developments told me to BUY, which I did and was suitable.
    This is not a good thing to change something established and that I hate to do this (it is called curve fitting and as I know many people stick into constant development and improvement and new reseaches because of which they never begin TRADING in any way!) . Anyway, I needed to find something to prevent false signals from slow trend indiors, which maintain pointing down whenever the price is half way up.
    Then I'm also overlooking Heiken i and understand now it may give more signals or indiions than just change of color.
    About exits and entries. Initially, I just wanted mechanical points, so to say. Set and forget, without looking. Now I'm going to be more wise (and discretional also ) as to exits (I will leave entrances alone just yet).
    Oh,well. Great plans, expect to realize all of them.

    Stochastic 8,3,3 - it was overbought on the 6,9,13 feb - but this sign was wrong. I really don't believe I could rely on it now. Perhaps when I get a sense of it afterwards...

    AMGODI, hi! Really you shouldn't be trying to find the best MA for cable. I doubt it is. But if you find one, please share the understanding, ok?

    Now enter BUY 1.3183. There are a few factors standing in the way (like overbought state and resistence) and that I probably should have purchased at about 3167. But I'm in the commerce already, so we'll see.

    Have fine transactions,


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    I thought u might post your indiors. . .plsss

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    This goes.
    BT is quite good. They don't repaint.
    MTF BT are for setting, say, four-hour data on one-hour chart or 30 moment.
    Heiken i is normal.


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