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Thread: How to make lots of money using micro lots

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You can never understand a single entrance point will be profitable or not.
    I could see right now that we aren't even on the same page.

    Great luck.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I could see right now we aren't even on precisely the exact same page.

    Good fortune.

    Agree, and yes I'd realise that I made a spelling error had logged out though and needed to put kids to bed. Know is understand. . I know

    Good fortune to you.

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    From my testing, entrance is important since it's an edge.

    The cliche of departure becoming more significant than the entry depends on what type of platform you are trading.

    If you're trading based on profiting from a certain market character by way of example the market nature of trending afterward by way of trading in a way by cutting losers and letting winners run, in spite of a random entry, you could be profitable (using a certain level of confidence by doing a monte carlo simulation of 10,000 runs) when that personality manifest itself because of the character of fat tails from that manner of trading.

    However in the event that you're able to identify a non-random repetitive tendency, then the entrance becomes quite significant. You can prove that by dividing the long and short trades of your system by a given time period eg. Over 1 year
    and pull out the exact same number of arbitrary entry trades for each long/short with equivalent durations to your own system. Do this for thousands of run. Then rank the total profits of your system for that year against the probability distribution of random trades for the identical year. Does it beat 70,80,90percent of the trades?

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    Women and gents if you like the automation just voucher for me

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    Do you think adding to a position each 20-30 pips is better? I think 10 pips is too little? Not certain

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    1. Cash Managment 2. Adding to your position 0.5 each 10 pips 3. Deducting from your place 0.5 lots every 10 pips when the market against you 4. 50 sma for bias and for intimate place 5. Daily chart The only you want is consistency outcomes of one year you can find at the ling below EA wil be released shortly for free
    All these are the fundamentals for trading so each trader should follow it to achieve their goals of earning good profit. Money management is quite every trader it conserve our capital from huge losses.

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    Sounds nice in theory... and not a truly terrible idea. If I am not mistaken, your equilibrium has been for quite some time though.

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