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Thread: LIVE Trades Only : EURUSD and GBPUSD

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    After reading Jacko's thread, in DailyFX, I have been motivated and I am seeking to re-live the magic here in FF. Inviting all members to partcipate!

    For bragging rights;

    1. User has to have a transaction set up. If you're in a 1lot (standard), pls state Long/Short 100k and PRICE or if your on a 1lot (miniature) then Long/Short 10k and PRICE. There'll be no discrimination tolerated.

    2. Analysis are not welcome if you are not in a trade (yeap, I've been guilty of this, lets leave this to the TV men). Just plain good 'ol trades.

    3. PS, if you are not abt declaring ur lots, thats okay. However, do post the leaves by qouting your entries.

    Lets do it guys! Grow together!


    Disclaimer : Lurkers who chooses our trade calls, take at your own risk!

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    What purpose is this? Showing off?

    Nah , I'll stick to the regular thread.

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    Show off?
    If you believe it that way. I said, it was motivated by the thread of jacko. Here we share feelings, acknowledge losses. . .share all the transaction sentiments. Cry together as well. If admitting losses is currently showing off. . .then so be it.

    I will get the ball rolling, my current positions taken from previous threads,

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Right im going for the jugular here....time for trend to show me wrong one more time! shorted at 370. Pray for me. Lol

    PS: preceding was a typo, 370 wouldn't have a fill that afternoon, lol its own 470.
    EURUSD Short 20k
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Lol, okay I moved short @ 19980. . .move might have completed a retracement up and this could be a continuation of current trend, keeping my stops in 100 pips.

    GBPUSD Short 10k

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    Eur usd long @ 1.3427 1 lot goal 1.3508

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    GU Short @ 1.9930 gt; 2 lots
    I Had Been short gu @ 1.9991 with Goal 1.9877 but it Create this retrace and I Shut this Place with 45 ...
    waiting a Fantastic point to go short again

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    Looks like the move for EUR and GBP are stalling, we have durable goods order tonight, though I dont think it will move much, im anticipating further move down then, a lower swing compared to previous bullish move isn't a good sign aint it?

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    Somethings telling me that im gont scratch on my cable and euro shorts!!! Aaaahh im split on cable!!!

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    I'm short GU, since yesterday @ 1.9997 X 5 lots
    TP around 1.9850/30 area
    SL : first 2.0050, if price = entry-70 then move SL to submission price 10 (1.9987)

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    Hello, I'm Short since Monday EurUsd 1.3464 150K.
    I'm a Medium/Long Term Trader.
    I'm Bearish, so my TP it is for 1.30.

    That I will try to Short again if price reach 1.35.

    Regards and Good Luck to everyone!!

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