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    My USD/JPY stop/loss only got triggered. So I have a commerce with a few positive pips now. Let us see just how far this tendency goes. Regrettably I have two transactions which might just hit on their 1000 pip stops. When I was experimenting with this egy (before beginning this journal) I opened two transactions contrary to the tendency.

    Obviously that was not good but it'll be a fantastic test to see how this egy functions as soon as the large ceases do get struck.

    Stay tuned,

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    For a 6 pip profit.

    I reopened that trade tonight with a market order at 104.69. 50 pip trailing stop in place and 1000 pip stop/loss.

    I opened a market order because that's the direction of the longer term trend all the way back to June or July of 2007. I might have to play close attention to this pair chiefly because the long term trend is only about a year old. This is a pretty short trend compaired to the current longer term tendencies of another major pairs.

    I love FX,

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    I keep looking at my account and visiting one trade obviously headed in the wrong direction. I shorted this trade back at 1.0050 before beginning this journal. I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking as this trade was obviously contrary to the daily and weekly trend.

    Currently this trade is at 1.0524. I've considered closing it early several times. I do not really know what to do. Also the Pound and the Euro are going through corrections right now so I'm basically just waiting those out. I'm in transactions on both but they are only about 20 to 25% to their ceases. I strongly doubt they'll hit their stops. The Pound could possibly just because it's the more volatile of the 2 pairs but I do not really think it will. We shall see.

    Pip by pip,

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    I simply noticed looks like there's a sizable breakout around the Yen. My monitoring stop is sliding further and further into profit. I currently have just over 60 pips secured in.

    As the McDonald's slogan goes, I am enjoying it!


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    The Yen, just got stopped out but only after netting me 67 pips. I'll likely wait until tomorrow morning or perhaps tomorrow night until I re-enter a place with the Yen. When a trade stops out I believe I am going to get started waiting 24 hours to see what happens if there is some sort of big correction like I'm experiencing the Euro right now.

    Total pips since starting this diary 207 pips.


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    My hard drive just crashed. My MT4 demo is gone as well. So basically I am starting from scratch! UGH!

    That I am thinking about starting a second thread and submitting my new trades that I will open up on Monday.

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    Well thats a story. Can someone record the main points and read it?

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