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Thread: MT4 and Line Study Hotkey

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    I cannot find a way to assign hotkeys to the Line Study tools, TrendLines, Support etc.. Can you know how ?

    Thank you.

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    I guess there is no way that is easy. .

    Maybe there would be a way using a script capable to do this and a shortcut to it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I can't find a means to assign hotkeys to the Line Study progr, TrendLines, Service etc..
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I guess there is no simple way. .
    Alt-I-L-T for a Trendline. Requires less then half a second even.
    However this merely switches the pointer to a tool drawing style. What is the issue if you'll want to fiddle with the mouse 19, with clicking toolbar button?

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    Thank you to the shortcut, I did not think like that. . I am going to bind a macro to it. I was just searching for a manner than the toolbar, using screen it is better this way, and trading appliions have this shortcut.

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    There is no other way in MT4 that I'm aware of.

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