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Thread: Best free signals Ive ever come across..

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    Been analyzing them for about a month now and well the outcomes are pretty incredible..not that I take them as I'm a really short term trader but I have followed the progress along every morning (signals given at London open) and the success rate is high.

    I wanna share here since there are loads of sc around like wisdomfx and this is free so do your due diligence before trading live together, and even though only do so if it fits with your current fashion of trading/daily routine. I will post here each morning so we can all get a sense of these signals as a whole, I have never been one to care about sigs or perhaps anyone else having any influence in my trading but this really is quite a ceremony IMO

    This is what I have this morning, and next post will be tomorrow London available

    Normally they're pending cease orders, but today 8am they were in, TP is receptive they advoe taking half at 50 or so along with the remainder at breakeven. .

    The yahoo group is which makes sure you get the email on the dot

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    Hm went out for lunch and inbox was empty, came back to see that the under

    email was sent out 11.54gmt, closed by 15.00gmt it seems, I know a fewnigeriaforextradingmembers staged this in real time, don't hesitate to update here if u want

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    Got this now, while assessing for the sign, but none yet up to now

    Our aim is to remain PROFITABLE on new signals and RETAIN that which we have earned so far. This is only possible with patience and risk management as communied.

    For New Members, I am again sending this Risk Mgmt Table:
    Recommended Risk Management / Position Sizing
    Account SizeRisk LevelRisk Amt in USDMini LotsStandard Lots
    $ 5004% $20 0.02 NA
    $ 1,0004% $40 0.04 NA
    $ 5,0004% $200 2NA
    $10,0004% $400 4 0.4
    $20,0004% $800 8 0.8
    $50,0004% $ 2,000 20 2
    $100,0004% $ 4,000 40 4

    Please know that we only take sign entries as they happen on FIXED TIMES 0800, 1200, 1600 GMT

    TP is always 50, 70, 120 pips. If trading multiple lots, we close 1st lot at 50 pips and deliver SL to breakeven on the other two lots and close the transactions on our goal. If trading only lot, close the trade at 50 pips.

    I suggest that people who would love to assess the markets themselves ought to open up a demo account and put transactions as per their particular fundamental or technical analysis.

    Please Don't Hesitate to interact

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