Someone can allow 30k loss with only 60k account
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Thread: Someone can allow 30k loss with only 60k account

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    I do not think that's a fantastic idea. Sl is equal to no sl. That's harmful.

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    I believe it's OK if the system can bring you profit before the 30k loss occur.

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    Hi, is dependent on that somebody and their egy. If that's a portion of their trading egy, loss stops is set in 50 percent of acc. The prospect of hitting on this SL should be less than 50 percent per trade basket. It is going to require 100% gain after just to achieve Break! . Keep that in mind

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    That depends on how possible it is for this 50 percent to be hit.

    In case your 50% risk is dependant on natural gas existing in 3 weeks, and you're making good money on the transactions, then I really don't find a large matter. If your trade is dependent on the price of gas being $2.6 then you've got a massive issue.

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    Thank you.
    But I don't agree with you anymore.
    I believe traders should not place the sl so large that'll break their account if they had reduction twice .

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