Fix for Pairs Percent Change Indior
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Thread: Fix for Pairs Percent Change Indior

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    Hey Guyss!

    I was wondering if anyone can help me get this Pairs Percent Change mt4 Indior working.

    It used to work together with the prior variants of mt4, Im not sure exactly when it stopped working but I do know for certain it
    worked about a year ago.
    Thanks alot guys! I have not found anything like it and it would make my current egy sooo much simpler to keep up.

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    1 Attachment(s) Here's a screenshot of what it looked like If it did Function

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    Hi Coolbudz223,

    Simply added #property indior_chart_window plus it works well now.
    Have a good WE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi , Only added #property indior_chart_window and it works nicely today. Have a good WE. Tom98 file
    Thank you a lot for your quick help!! The problem is once I load it, this is what I get (see attached screenshot)
    Am I doing something wrong?

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    1 Attachment(s) Mmmm,
    I suggest you remove exe. And MQ4 documents and substitute with all the nigeriaforextrading on I 've sent before.
    Works nicely for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Mmmm, Well, I advise you to remove exe. And MQ4 files and replace with the re-dowloaded mq4 nigeriaforextrading on I have sent before. Works for me. Sincerely Tom98 image
    I apologize for the late response, got stuck with final ex and stuff, but I simply don't get it, its still doesn't work

    Here's what I am getting out of your logs

    00:33:48.821 Custom indior PairsPercentChange_mod_snowy USDCHF,H1: loaded successfully
    1 00:34:00.204 PairsPercentChange_mod_snowy USDCHF,H1: zero split in 'PairsPercentChange_mod_snowy. Mq4' (601,38)
    3 00:34:00.204 PairsPercentChange_mod_snowy USDCHF,H1: not initialized
    0 00:34:00.204 PairsPercentChange_mod_snowy USDCHF,H1: uninit motive 8
    0 00:34:00.206 Custom indior PairsPercentChange_mod_snowy USDCHF,H1: eliminated

    Any thoughts anybody?

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    Hi Coolbudz223
    I've only come a test with many pairs.
    I woks nicely for me personally, no mistake. (I have only tested it on many pairs, cross pairs, gold , TF5Min, 30 Min , H1, H4. . .working nicely)
    I also have tested it on XP, Win8, Win10exactly the same OK)
    1)Which MT4 variant do you use? Version 4.00 Build 950?
    2)In the case off:
    Open the indic in Meta editor:
    LINE 608 replace by:
    reunite NormalizeDouble((bid-open)/ /pnt*1,1);
    subsequently compile.

    Unless it solve the problem, I would have no clue...

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    Hi Coolbudz223
    LINE 601 not 608

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    Hey good coders that is a very good buy sel indior but I guess the alerts have to get tooshed upward cos even if thers a buy signal it will provide alert as market sign can any fantastic coder create some adjustment.Even on all of the time frames it keeps repeating the exact same alert.

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    Additionally it is necessary to download from History Center the data of symbols.

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