How long does it take to master mql4?
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Thread: How long does it take to master mql4?

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    Hello, I would like to ask just how long approximately it'd have to master writing in mq4 language, for someone who have zero experience using progr like mq4, c etc? From where I need to begin to learn basics, etc? Thank you for the answers.

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    According to my experience with non developers, it might take forever. I've had them ask me to assist them and actually it was not going anywhere fast.

    Someboby with solid programming experience will not discover its much of a challenge to find out MT4. For non developers, you've got the challenge of learning to think as a programmer and learning a new language that has few tools for learning. I believe other languages like VB are much better because they improved documentation and tutorials. Plus the code samples are written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello, I want to ask how long about it'd take to learn writing in mq4 language, for a person who have zero experience with appliions like mq4, c etc? From where I need to start to learn fundamentals, etc? Thanks for the replies.
    Here is link to this thread you are looking for

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, I would like to ask just how long approximately it would take to master writing in mq4 terminology, for someone who have zero experience using appliions such as mq4, c etc? From where I have to begin to learn basics, etc? Thanks for the answers.
    Basically I agree with what has been said so far. If you've completed some programing earlier, you'll understand the fundamentals of information types, loops, assignment, if. . .then....else, arrays, document I/O, subroutines and functions, etc etc.. Then it's just like teaching yourself any other procedural language.

    MQL4 is actually just a subset of the C language, using some chart/trading based commands (technical indiors, order placement, etc) thrown . I have done a fair amount of C programming back in the 1980s, which allowed me to pick up the fundamentals of MQL4 in about 2-3 weeks.

    If you've never done any programming before, then expect a significant learning curve, just like you would with teaching yourself any other profession.

    Xaphod has provided some links to MQL4 tutorials here.

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    I personally began here

    From no understanding 12 weeks ago, I an now a fairly proficient coder, using made many business EA's and innumerable indiors.

    Not impossible, but you want to be dedied. Fortunately there are plenty of great forums like this one with many people willing to provide help and information (as long as you do not ask dumb questions )



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    I did it. My motivation at the time was simply to program egies for myself so that I could modify whatever way I wanted. I had zero programming history (my profession isn't related either) and that I could program for myself after 4 month, a year later I started code for some other people. I was driven though and that I had somebody who was a professional of C to ask questions. Now I am fluent at C as well.

    Do anticipate the fact first couple of month nothing makes sense to you.

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    Well it is dependent upon how smart you are and exactly what you believe by master... I spent a couple of years only getting to the degree I am at but I'd hardly say I'm a master at it. Simply do a search on google for Mql4 lessons and you're going to see my videos that I stuck on youtube. They will get you started.

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    About provided a piece
    Depends on infinite factors.

    Just open some of those indis attached to articles and pick them apart and play with them 1 step at a time.... Unlikely that you could do much damage.

    To begin really from scratch with no programming skills could be an uphill task but it's possible with patience.

    Also check the help sections of MT4.... Open press and Metaeditor F1. Only a a beginning and daunting but give it a go.
    You may also get help on here if You're blessed:-)

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