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    Are meddling with this monster to the pass one and a half a year using only reduction (Have to admit I'm a nerd like I trade with no knowledge in fundamental and lost around 1k SGD) but have not given up yet though.
    Recently after purchasing and reading up lots of forex related books, I'm back. ^_^
    The motive for establishing this journal is to let me observe how I'm trading with my new found knowledge.

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    My trading platform:
    1) I do not use my funds to exchange anymore but rather I trade using my own interest. (That is correct I waited for three weeks to see my $2000USD becoming an interest of $10USD and that's my current startup funds. LOL)

    2) Trade at $1 per entry and of cos that'll grow as my profits grow as for now I will stick to this.

    3) Using the popular Support and immunity and round up price (X.XX00) degree and trendline as entry points (admit a bit too much but now I'm more lean towards S/R, trendline and Round up price level)

    4) I decided to use fundamentals to validate the trend rather than technical analysis as I think it is too complied and cluttered for me.

    This is my trading platform for the exit component I guess the plan is to keep moving up my take profit degree.

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    31/03/2008 (Cloudy Weather here in Singapore)
    since I have only started to trade again I am currently concentrated on tracking EUR, GBP, USD, JPY and AUD economic reports through for affirm trend directions. I will not create any entries as of today till I am more aware of what is happening in the marketplace.

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    01/04/2008 (Regular day)

    Currently compiling economic reports that are less than six months old as I think anything more than just six months old is not worth looking into. My printer ink ran out terrific. T_T

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