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    In your H1/D1 instance, you can find your entrance point on the H1 chart in the management of your D1 analysis.

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    Understanding Multiple Time Frame Analysis (MTFA) will help you comprehend Market structure and so help your trading choices
    The greater timeframes regulate the lower timeframes, and the lower timeframes build the greater timeframes
    The greater timeframe is your direction timeframe and supplies the commerce signal
    The lower timeframes are utilized to provide lower risk entries and exits
    Thus once you've got a trade signal in your direction timeframe -
    Go to the lower timeframes for your entrance (and exit )
    An entrance to a lower timeframe gives a lower risk entrance - so you are able to increase your trade size for the same $risk if you had entered on the direction interval

    Any greater TF signal is 1st confirmed on the cheapest TF, and if it is strong enough it'll rise up though each greater timeframe until it reaches your commerce management interval

    You should always lookfor confirmation of your direction TF signals (entry/exit) on the lower timeframes

    If your entrance signal isn't strong enough to work its way upward to the direction interval
    Then have an exit on the timeframe where it fails to advance

    how can you decide when to move up to the next phase?
    What do you use to define a fad? Use that
    once it happens on the next greater period - proceed up to this interval
    Keep doing so until you reach your management TF

    Bottom line
    The lower timeframes build the next higher timeframe
    But any greater timeframe signal is more important than the lower timeframes

    If in doubt - always refer to the next lower timeframe to tell you what to expect in your greater interval

    Sorry if the above is a bit disjointed - it had been just a bit of light relief after a day at the computer
    Hope it makes sense

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