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    wow. Thank you bro. Allow me to know how it goes!

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    Man, it was painful getting up at 1:30 after not getting to bed til about 11:30... I am sure I will correct in time... just waiting for installments. Nothing however.

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    Got stopped from EU trade. . It seemed to be a valid sign but I will look more carefully at this later to see if I discovered something. . Good that I am investing for pennies!

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    Extended EU. . Not part of system, but up against major support line. . Pennies of course...

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    New rule: no more than 4 transactions at one time. . Too tricky to handle enough sleep. System isn't performing well. S R transactions are all about break even. I'm shutting all of the transactions to regroup and return to system exclusively. If system does not work, I'll change the system. . Trying to freestyle trade in addition to system is a lot to manage. Lesson learned: that is my very first attempt in intraday trading so I guess I have a lot to learn here. I may be cut out for trading daily's or 4 hour charts.

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    One night was enough to understand I really don't wish to trade the 5 minute charts... that I am going to begin with putting a system together around 1-hour charts which will let me make trades with place stops and spend less time in front of the monitor. I really enjoy the trend follower template as it gives you an superb image of what is actually occuring in the market so I will be using that as a beginning point. Then I am going to use his crossover signs with a blend of indiors support/resistance and see what I come up with... going to sleep today. This continues to be an eduing night, however... need to get up for work in a couple hours... at least I work from home!

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