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    I have not used indiors that week and have been trading off of price action and pivots. Just 1 trade up this week until now, when I probably more traded, but I am 6 with account up about 10 percent on this week. I believe keeping place sizes small enough to rescue them bigger lots is a key for me. I also think that selling high and buying low is more my style even though it goes against traditional trading wisdom. That is the way I have had success trading shares and it's a method I am comfortable with.
    Hello natejax,

    This is exactly what I have begun doing this week. First I decided on focusing on just ONE currency pair for the time being. For several reasons I chose to go with Eur/usd. Ive take off all indiors, added just fibs and pivot points. I just examine the charts, in the price... Watch where its been and where it will most likely go. I believe that is the best way to really learn and comprehend forex since I will be learning how and why price really goes. Atleast that is what I aspire to realize.

    The role of focusing on a single pair is really to comprehend how this currency goes, why it moves and to always be aware of what state its in (ranging or trending). This week went well earning some decent pips, particularly when I consider that Ive traded only 1 pair. Additionally, it has been more satisfying because I actually understand why Im doing a trade rather than just after an indior. What I have achieved is only trade with the main trend, await retracements, then pull on the trigger. I get out at resistance levels. I realize the difficulty with this procedure is addressing medium term trend changes, but I think with experience, I will understand how to deal with these scenarios.

    Best of luck with your trading!

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    Thats great to listen to. I'm somewhat impatient, myself and so while I am mainly focusing on GJ and EURUSD, I watch other pairs. EJ is a great pair to exchange - little spread, excellent range, and more straightforward price action than its big brother GJ (IMHO)

    anyway, perhaps you ought to start a journal and post some of your charts. I use fibs also but am never really sure if I have drawn them correctly until after the fact... thus, I am leaning more about the Pivots. I will attempt to post more charts here with transactions I have created.

    Wound up 7 today but needed to squeak from kiwi with 4 pips. I had been up 15 or so.... Conversely, I bailed early in my CAD brief and GJ long and overlooked pips. . Seems to work that way for me a lot.

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    System under revision

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