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    I'm starting this journal so I can keep track of my thoughts through my trading experiments that will hopefully lead the way to plenty of profits whether I'm right, or I need to correct myself through my mistakes.

    I keep track of my wins/losses on an excel sheet but I don't keep track of my thoughts and this is a superb venue to do so.

    I'm a optional participant, while I really do use indiors they are only used to confirm or deny my view about price action of a particular pair.

    Without further ado, away we go!

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    Two trades following this EMA system.

    1. The very first exchange for EUR/JPY I think will net me some pips. I entered brief at 112.90 using a SL in 113.50

    2. This is one of those discretionary trades, sounds that USD/JPY is at an all time low and that I would not put any money into this trade despite the system giving me a sign so I will pass on this one. Maybe in case it breaks up the 80.5 barrier.

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    Second commerce was entered on the 30minute charts utilizing a EMA system I am testing out. USD/CAD in the price of 1.0243 in 16:30. No definitive TP like I will be using a trailing stop method. In terms of SL, it's 60 pips in the entrance at 1.0183.

    Charts will be posted when transactions shut.

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    This transaction is giving me a little bit of hesitation hence going in at half lots that I typically would. The price on the 30minute chart of EUR/JPY has bounced off the 480SMA (10 SMA on the Daily) testing it a number of times, at quick glance 8 times.

    That is looking for a short situation, and so I entered at the price of 113.02 using a SL at 113.62. I will be seeing the chart for a fantastic spot to place my TP.

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    I paid the price for jumping the gun early, I lost of 34 pips, today the price can of returned into my favor but that I opt to get a better foot hold and accept the reduction.

    Reduction: -31 Pips

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    I closed my 4 hour engulfing commerce on EUR/GBP. It's coming Friday and the commerce was losing some steam.

    Grow: 28 Pips
    Profit: 00.7%

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    EUR/GBP 4 hour chart is my very first trade in this Journal. After a pretty stable run long, I got a bearish engulfing candle at 12:00 GMT. I entered brief at the price of .8870 together with my SL at .89 although I will probably depart sooner if the candle pattern does not take.

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