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    attached is an EA which Viper put a lot of work into it, but sadly no one follow up to make it simpler. Now I wish to revive this fantastic notion (if it's applied the right way).

    Below are the defects in this EA:

    - the most significant and the dangerous defect is that the Death commerce ( where the EA opens a lot of places which will lead to margin call)
    - the 2nd defect is from the order positioning logic: sometimes the EA does not place orders which can lead to imbalance and create big losses.

    When we can make this EA operate only if the proper criteria is present, it will make difference( prevent the death trade), what I am suggesting is the following:

    - that the EA will operate only if a candle pattern is current (pinbar or failure bar), the candle pattern will be defined with the candle dimensions as well as also an indior(attached): ie that the EA will operate only if a pinbar is current and the candle dimensions is gt; 20 pips.

    Usual after large pinbar the price tend to go in 1 way for sometime and this is the concept behind using this candle pattern to prevent the ranging mess which will end up in a death trade.Attachment 1547064

    - the Ea will place impending buys on the high and impending sells on the reduced.

    - the increment will probably be high[1]-low[1]

    if any coder have enough opportunity to do this, it will be great for everyone in FF.

    Please let me know if you have any question or need more clarifiion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    if any coder have the time to try it, it is going to be great for everybody in FF.
    Firstly, allow me to say I salute your enthusiasm.

    I encountered this EA in its original form over 6 years back, and after spending a few hours familiarizing myself with the concept, reached the decisions that I posted here.

    Therefore I am afraid I must agree with cyber1. If I was coding MT4 EAs, I'd be certain I was handsomely paid for attempting to recode something that complied, since the EA would not be useful for me.

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    I have read your answer from the 100% mgrid thread. I 100% agree this EA inside's first form need too much margin to endure overtime.

    What I am proposing here, is instead if conducting the EA randomly , we could use price action to reverse our entry. Pin bar is indiion of change of direction and volatility in one direction which will be the ultimate remedy to avoid departure trade.

    Just include the indior that I provided to any chart and watch the price action after snare pub. The majority of the time that the price run in one direction which will be sufficient to hit on the TP at least at the one degree configuration.

    I know this is a lot of effort to do, but it worth the attempt if someone has time and the enthusiasm to consider the new idea.

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    should you take a look at this chart, if we've got a pin bar formation, then the price movement quickly to a single direction. If we are able to run this EA or the egy of this EA, we will triumph with nominal DD.

    State for ex which we will put a market on the close of a bearish pin bar and 3 pending buys on the high and continue the cycle ( 1-3-6-12-24...). That the TP will likely be (High-Low) along with the SL will be 2X(high-Low).

    Same thing if we a have bullish pin bar( buy on the close and 3 impending sell on the low)...

    we can use time window to enter just when market is liquid ( london-ny ie)...

    in my view this is the best way to combine MM and price action to make a real advantage.

    I will attach original surefire grid egy and an EA that use this egy in case any one can take a peek at these and can make a new EA predied on pin-bar and the sure fire MM egy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    HellonigeriaforextradingBrains, attached is a EA that Viper put a lot of work , but unfortunately nobody follow up to make it simpler. Now I want to revive this excellent concept (if it's applied the right way). Below are the flaws in this EA: - the most significant and the dangerous flaw is that the Death trade ( where the EA opens a lot of places that will bring about margin call) - the 2nd flaw is at the order placement logic: sometimes the EA does not place orders that will results in imbalance and make big losses. If we can make this EA operate only if the best...
    Do not get your hopes up with this EA. Nobody in their right mind would do it for free.
    It is overly intrie and unless it is beneficial to someone I don't see anyone making any mods for it.
    Just my two pennies.

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