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    Hello all,

    We're at the close of another week and here's the most recent weekly update...

    This past week of June 24-
    50% Win, 6 Win averaging 5 pips, 6 losses averaging 27 pips, Max drawdown of 50

    Past months:
    8% Win, 1 Win averaging 9 pips, 11 losses averaging 33 pips, Max drawdown of 50
    Week of: June 11 -- 25% Win, 1 Win averaging 20 pips, 3 losses averaging 21 pips, Drawdown will be MUCH improved at 35 pips
    Week of: June 3 -- 0 percent Win, 0 Wins averaging 0 pips, 4 losses averaging an embarrassing 98 pips per day, Drawdown of 210 pips
    Week of: May 27 -- 100% Win, two Wins averaging 7 pips, 0 losses (with two trades still available ), Drawdown of 10
    Week of: May 20 -- 72% Win, 13 Wins averaging 10 pips, 5 losses average 19, Max Drawdown of 85
    Week of: May 13 -- 73% Win, 11 Wins averaging 8 pips, 4 losses averaging 17, Max Drawdown of 65
    Week of: May 6 -- 83% Win, 10 Wins averaging 8 pips, two losses averaging 25, Max Drawdown of 45
    Week of: Apr 29 -- 93% Win, 14 Wins averaging 13 pips, 1 loss for 18, Didn't track Max Drawdown
    Week of: Apr 22 -- 90% Win, 10 Wins averaging 8 pips, 1 loss for 17, Didn't track Max Drawdown

    So far that brings the grand totals since April 22nd to:

    Around 64% gain rate... I have had 68 wins averaging 10 pips a trade, and 37 losses averaging 32 pips a trade for a total LOSS of 517 pips with a mean of losing 52 pips per week since inception.

    This week I heard (and intend to improve ):

    This week was interesting... the machine itself is not horrible... but the money management demands a bit of work. I am still taking larger losses than I need to. I am really focusing on what I did the initial 5 months when I had been up 400 pips.

    I exchanged with less regulations. I took wins. Losses that were smaller were taken by me. I had been at a win percent of about 80.

    I am working to that end again. July is getting to be a mad busy month for me and so I will be focusing on my trading window during the day hours and early morning hours.

    I am not going to give as detailed descriptions of my trading either. I believe that will arrive in time. Right now, I started this diary following an extremely successful 5 weeks thinking I could only down exactly what I had done to replie that result.

    What I believed I was doing... I clearly was not. The rules I make myself align to are not helpful to me. I need to be a bit more flexible right now and will allow myself that room.

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    Well, it has been a while since the massive losses, but because that day I've rebuilt the account to not just pay the losses, but have since assembled a respectable gain.

    Here's the monthly breakdown...

    July 28.5%
    Aug 28.5%
    Sep -6.1%
    Oct 24.3%
    Nov 4.7percent (as of 11/26)

    Overall, I've REALLY concentrated on high probabilty installations. More importantly I've learned the value of closing trades. This implies both taking profits in addition to taking losses.

    I've learned that both are just as difficult to perform and the second I believe I'll remain in only a little longer. Well... the very next second I force myself to close the transaction.

    The objective of my trading isn't so much to profit as much as it is to continue to develop and exercise self-discipline. Oddly enough, after I ceased pursuing profitable trades... they started moving toward me.

    That's all for today... I just wanted to let everyone know I am alive and very much kicking.

    Hope the holidays are good for everyone!

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    Here is the monthly update on returns...

    July 28.5%
    Aug 28.5%
    Sep -6.1percent
    October 24.3%
    Nov 3.2percent
    Dec -3.0percent
    Jan 2.4 (as of 1/23)

    I've observed something fairly interesting during this explosive period...

    I *USED* to see the extreme volatility for a motive to jump in so I would not LOSE the profit that I just KNEW was there. Yeah... I lost just about every trade I entered using that.

    Now... during this week... I am okay with just taking a look at the charts and NOT trading. In reality, I am better than just ok... I am calm... it is difficult to describe the feeling and I know it's important enough to jot down that it is occurring.

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    happy to see you follow teb/ spud great men, excellent notion,....

    That of the setups are you currently using?

    Your succes rate Looks good dont be to hard on your self,...



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